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4 Nineteen Ink – Toledo Ohio

4 Nineteen Ink, in Toledo, Ohio, really is a tattoo studio that offers it all – piercings, high-end body jewelry, custom tattoos, coverups and now tattoo removal.

Owners Dave and Brian founded 4 Nineteen Ink in 2011, having previously been in the business of selling professional tattoo supplies. It wasn’t long before they found like-minded tattoo artists and piercers, and at customer request, he opened a full-fledged tattoo studio.

Working at 4 Nineteen Ink are four tattoo artists and a pair of body piercers. They recently added Tatt2Away® tattoo removal as an in-house service for customers wanting a natural approach to complete tattoo removal or to aide in the cover-up process. In the past, if somebody asked about tattoo removal, the only option was laser removal, but that wasn’t a method that Brian felt completely comfortable suggesting.

“Laser does not seem to work,” Brian states. “It seems to take so many sessions before you see any effect, and even then it doesn’t get all the colors out.”

“One of the biggest reasons for going with Tatt2Away is that it works on all colors,” he adds.

Another advantage of Tatt2Away is that Brian and another staff member has been specially trained to use the technique, and can thus offer tattoo removal for a much more affordable price right there at the studio. Ohio regulations state that only a licensed physician can perform laser removals.

“By offering the tattoo removal service in-house we are able to choose which parts of the old tattoo we need to remove if the client is requesting a coverup. People will bring us a black blob and expect us put something like a red rose over it which will never happen. . . a lot of times people will ask for crazy coverups that until now were impossible for us to do,” Brian says. “Tatt2Away will make the whole coverup process much easier for both the client and the artist.”

“I love the artwork that we put out,” Brian. “I love our customers too and want them to be happy with us so they’ll tell their friends and family what a great place we have.”

4 Nineteen Ink is now scheduling consultations in their studio. Start today and get art from Brian and his team the way you want it!

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