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Bulletts Ink – Brett Elmore

Always Meant To Be

Nearly 3 decades ago Brett Elmore was working in a sign company, and his love of drawing just couldn’t be contained any longer. Switching from working with signs to working on masterpieces on skin. Since 2000, Brett has brought Bulletts Ink in Mt. Airy, Maryland to be a leader in his tattoo community.

“The commitment of those getting tattoos is amazing,” said Brett, “and the honor of doing that tattoo, even after all this time creating them is humbling.” Memorial pieces in particular, of those who lost loved ones are the most memorable. “The tributes and the stories behind them, help to make the process of getting a tattoo that much more special,” Brett added.

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Getting Down to Business

As Elliott Segel of the area’s largest station, DC 101 has found out, gaining Brett’s artwork on their skin is a great and satisfying experience. And for those who come into Bulletts Ink in Mt. Airy MD with tattoos they no longer want and are looking to change up, previously their options were unfortunately limited. “The removal of a tattoo is always something I considered,” stated Brett, “and whenever we referred it to laser, you never could tell what the results would be.”

The cover up in particular is why Brett added the Tatt2Away system. Brett said, “It was the multiple options and opportunities to remove the tattoo fully or partially that drew me to Tatt2Away. It opens doors to the outgrown tattoos that want to augment what they don’t want.”

Word of mouth is the best way to do business, and the buzz Tatt2Away has is spreading fast! Those looking to get their tattoo removed always ask three questions, that Tatt2Away beats laser any day.

  1. The Pain – Tatt2Away treatments are as painful as when you get them put on; laser gets beat here
  2. The Cost –  Each Tatt2Away session is quantifiably less than working with lasers.
  3. The Efficiency – Tatt2Away takes the ink and pigment of all colors out; unlike lasers that can only hit some colors deeper into the dermis.

“Tatt2Away is the best solution,” quipped Brett, “laser seems to have a negative vibe to everyone I have spoken with.” He concluded, “Tatt2Away eliminates that for everyone.”


Brett at Bulletts Ink looks forward to giving those in the Mt. Airy area exactly what they want to have

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