Forbidden Tattoo and Piercing – Andrew Wale and Ann Ormond

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Forbidden Tattoo and Piercing – Andrew Wale and Ann Ormond

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Coming Together

In a joint effort, Ann Ormond and Andrew Wale combined their skills and determination to create Forbidden Tattoo and Piercing. Ann’s business sense and Andrew’s mind for the tattoo and body modification industry meld into a force to be reckoned with in the Jacksonville, NC community. From the beginning, they have always held their customer’s best interest in the forefront of everything they do. Upon entering, the entire experience is geared toward making the customer aware that they come first and their main tattoo idea will be executed beautifully. In keeping with their core value that “the customer comes first,” they continue looking for new ways to improve the services offered by Forbidden Tattoo and Piercing,

Being located just down the road from Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base has allowed Forbidden Tattoo and Piercing to show their appreciation to the Marines and other armed forces that come to the area. This also extends to the families of these service members, often working with them as much as those in uniform.

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A Tattoo Community

Since Ann and Andrew spend so much time at Forbidden Tattoo and Piercing, it is only natural that their families are also involved. Ann’s husband, Buddy, is one of the shop’s tattoo artists, and Andrew’s wife, Kelly, helps out in many areas, as needed. When Tatt2Away, a non-laser method for tattoo removal, was introduced to Ann and Andrew, they knew they had to bring it to Jacksonville. Becoming the first Tatt2Away Studio Center in NC, and offering the services of Tatt2Away’s Disruptive Escharotic Selective process, which can cut down the time it takes to modify or completely remove a tattoo, definitely sets them apart from the rest.

“We spend a lot of time repairing the work of others”, said Andrew. “Our friendly and welcoming atmosphere, combined with the ability to remove or alter a tattoo prior to cover up, will truly make us a full service facility. We are excited to offer Tatt2Away’s capabilities to our community.”

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