Lead Sled Devils Tattoo – Oklahoma City Oklahoma

///Lead Sled Devils Tattoo – Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Lead Sled Devils Tattoo – Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Can Anything Come from a Bad Tattoo?

For James Nicolaisen, better known as Jimmy Vegas, it all started with a bad tattoo while he was in the service. After realizing what had happened the night before, a tattoo he didn’t want, he contacted the studio and the artist that he and his military buddies had been to. Making a long story short, Jimmy eventually ended up being offered an apprenticeship 5 weeks later, an opportunity that he just couldn’t pass up in 1992. Since that time, Jimmy Vegas has been well on his way as a tattoo professional, and throughout the years, has been able to gain what it takes to be a top artist in the tattooing industry. In 2010 he opened Lead Sled Tattoo in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in March of that year.

“It’s the helping each person that comes through my studio’s door,” began Jimmy, “express themselves with the visual imagery that they want… not particularly what the artist wants to give, but what our customer truly wants to have.” By matching what they want, the whole tattooing experience becomes that much more satisfactory to everyone involved. “Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time with a client,” Jimmy continued, “being next to an air force base we needed to become expert to matching quickly what they came in to get.” Even for those who are getting that tattoo in memory for a loved one, the meaning of the ink and the images that Jimmy and his team create, build on that Something Special in tattooing.

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New in the Sooner State

In Oklahoma tattooing above board is relatively new. In all of Oklahoma, tattooing had been banned since 1963. Which you can imagine, spurned a lot of “garage” tattooing and a lot of mistakes. It wasn’t until 2006, the state finally placed the right health and safety regulations for the industry within it’s state’s borders. As you can imagine, since 2010, Lead Sled Devil Tattoo’s Jimmy Vegas has always been looking to help those “garage” mistakes that have happened. And like most studios across the country, cover ups have become a large part of their business.

Removing the mistakes has always been on Jimmy’s mind. “I have been looking for a way that Lead Sled Devil Tattoo could assist in removing those unwanted tattoos that so many are coming in with,” said Jimmy. “It wasn’t until I talked with a tattoo industry leader, Matt Allsman of Eternal Tattoo in Nebraska, and saw how the process works that we made the call to Tatt2Away.” Tatt2Away, the preferred system to remove unwanted tattoos, has the ability to draw out the ink and pigment from the skin that disrupts the previous tattoo’s patterns releasing the ink from the dermis. It is the new standard of care for tattoo removal.

“We saw Tatt2Away as the best way to get the unlimited options for our clients,” concluded Jimmy, “I feel that as a tattoo professional, we have the ethical responsibility to do as we can to help our clients through all the phases of tattooing and that includes the cover up.” Lead Sled Devil Tattoo is now a Tatt2Away Studio Center and is scheduling free consultations on how you can best remove that unwanted tattoo you may have through the DEScoverup process.

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