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Why book your free consultation with Tatt2Away®?

If you have tried laser tattoo removal before, you know it’s not always the best solution to the problem of re-thinking your ink. Laser is painful, requires many sessions, and struggles to remove “stubborn” colors. It also removes your hair in the treated area and leaves your skin harder to tattoo on.

Tatt2Away is less painful and uses fewer sessions than laser. Our natural tattoo removal system is “color-blind,” meaning it works equally well on all colors of ink. Tatt2Away doesn’t remove your hair, and after the removal process is complete you can place a new tattoo in the treated area without the restrictions of ordinary coverups.

How it Works

Tatt2Away is an all-natural, non-laser system that removes tattoo pigment from the skin by activating your body’s natural healing process. It is non-invasive and uses our proprietary removal solution, Teprsol®. Teprsol is a mild, hypoallergenic compound that meets vegan standards that was developed specifically to expel ink from your skin. To learn more about the science behind Tatt2Away, you can read all about it here. But the best way to learn more is through a free consultation with a certified Tatt2Away technician who can answer all the questions specific to your skin and your tattoo.

Why not laser?

Those that have experienced laser tattoo removal know that it can be extremely painful, very expensive, and struggle to remove certain colors or work on certain parts of the body. If you have “stubborn colors” in your tattoo, or you are worried about the pain, laser may not be the right choice. By contrast, Tatt2Away is “color-blind,” meaning it works equally well on all colors. The level of discomfort is similar to getting a tattoo, but you can also choose to have your technician apply a numbing gel that lasts for the duration of the treatment session and allows you to have your tattoo removed while hardly feeling anything.

Another reason people choose Tatt2Away over laser is if they are seeking a new tattoo in place of the old one. Laser can “lighten” a tattoo with half a dozen sessions, but it also has the effect of ablating the epidermis. This makes your sub-surface skin harder and more difficult to tattoo successfully. Tatt2Away is very effective at preparing a tattoo for a coverup because the recovered skin can be tattooed just like there was nothing there in the first place. Many people opt for only one or two sessions of Tatt2Away because they find the pattern of their original tattoo is so disrupted that they can now cover it without the old art showing through. DEScoverup is what we call this innovative process of combining targeted removal with a planned coverup.

What does it look like?

The most striking thing about Tatt2Away is the appearance of your first treatment. You’ll see small circles of clear, ink-free skin spaced evenly throughout the old tattoo. Many people’s first reaction to seeing a treatment is to ask us, “What’s with the dots?” After a great deal of study and research, we have determined the optimal size and spacing to efficiently remove tattoos with the least stress to your skin’s ability to recover. Rather than try to remove the entire tattoo in one go, Tatt2Away’s distinctive tiled circles allow us to remove an average-sized tattoo in 3-5 sessions. You can also use the DEScoverup process to clear the canvas for an advanced coverup in 2-3 sessions.