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Book Your Free Consultation

Starting the process

You begin by filling out the form on this page, including a clear photo of your tattoo as it looks today. This allows the panel of experts that evaluates your submission to determine whether you’ll benefit from our removal process. If your tattoo appears to be a possible candidate for Tatt2Away, your information will be forwarded to the location that we recommend you visit. We typically refer you to the Tatt2Away center closest to you, but in some cases we will recommend a location with more experience for more complex removals.

We’ll email you with the name and location of the technician that we recommend for your removal. Next, they will contact you to schedule a time for your free consultation. Alternatively, now that you have their contact info you can also reach out to them directly to let them know you’re interested in a removal.

What should you expect in your free consultation?

You benefit from your tattoo being evaluated in person by a trained technician. You can ask questions face to face and learn about the factors that affect your specific tattoo removal and treatment. You’ll also develop a schedule that maps out your removal from start to finish.

If you’re seeking a partial removal to give yourself more options for a coverup tattoo, the technician can also bring in an artist for the consultation. Together, you will decide which sections of the tattoo need to be removed to make room for the best possible new body art.

Why book your free consultation with Tatt2Away®?

If you have tried laser tattoo removal before, you know it’s not always the best solution to the problem of re-thinking your ink. Laser is painful, requires many sessions, and struggles to remove “stubborn” colors. It also removes your hair in the treated area and leaves your skin harder to tattoo on.

Tatt2Away is less painful and uses fewer sessions than laser. Our natural tattoo removal system is “color-blind,” meaning it works equally well on all colors of ink. Tatt2Away doesn’t remove your hair, and after the removal process is complete you can place a new tattoo in the treated area without the restrictions of ordinary coverups.

How it Works

Tatt2Away is an all-natural, non-laser system that removes tattoo pigment from the skin by activating your body’s natural healing process. It is non-invasive and uses our proprietary removal solution, Teprsol®. Teprsol is a mild, hypoallergenic compound that meets vegan standards that was developed specifically to expel ink from your skin. To learn more about the science behind Tatt2Away, you can read all about it here. But the best way to learn more is through a free consultation with a certified Tatt2Away technician who can answer all the questions specific to your skin and your tattoo.