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The Top 3 Services to Offer at Your Studio

By Cee Jay Jones Diversify for Your Tattoo Studio Success Tattooing began in our country as a counter culture with a rich interesting history that’s ingrained in our society as something not to be ignored. The business of tattooing has grown beyond the sailors at the bowery, beyond jail cells, bikers and other things rarely [...]

2016-10-23T15:48:43-06:00December 16th, 2015|Magazine Articles|

The Top 5 Reasons Why Someone Gets a Tattoo

By Khani Zulu - Austin, Tx It’s no secret that a significant percentage of the American population is tattooed. It’s even being said that more women than men have tattoos. Americans are obsessed with tattoos; there are celebrity tattoo artists, there are reality TV shows and tattoo merchandise. As a result, tattoos have become more [...]

2016-10-23T15:48:43-06:00December 14th, 2015|Magazine Articles|

Black Diamond Tattoo – Venice CA

Tattooing at It's Finest Black Diamond Tattoo was established in 2008 in the heart of Venice, California. From the very beginning they set a high standard in tattooing. The team is comprised of talented tattooers each with years of experience and each artist specializing in a specific genre of tattooing to ensure each client [...]

2020-01-31T16:09:44-06:00November 24th, 2015|Black Diamond Tattoo, Studio Spotlight|

Get to Know How Tatt2Away Removes Tattoos

The New Standard for Tattoo Removal You've been looking for the effective and universal Tattoo Removal System and now you have found it! Find Out More about the Tatt2Away Methods and Processes by clicking on the 30 Sec video below Tatt2Away is a specific patented method with a registered trademark.  The patent [...]

2018-08-09T12:18:05-06:00October 19th, 2015|News Articles|

Common Reasons for Tattoo Removal

Tattooing has been happening for centuries, and for some cultures has been a part of a rich heritage that defines a people. In western civilizations, the art of tattooing has not enjoyed a stellar reputation until recently (the last 20 years) and has been considered anything but mainstream. As more and more of the rising [...]

2019-12-30T08:44:16-06:00September 29th, 2015|Magazine Articles|

Marc’s Tattooing Local TV Story

Marc's Tattoing - Wilkes-Barre PA - Studio Center Story Tatt2Away is a specific patented method with a registered trademark.  The patent covers multiple unique elements - one is the template - that contribute to its success.   If you visit a location claiming to be a certified Tatt2Away center and they fail to use the [...]

2018-08-09T12:20:31-06:00September 20th, 2015|News Articles|

Zulu Tattoo – Austin, Texas

The Art Comes Beckoning Zulu Tattoo in Austin, Texas came into being after the combining of two great minds. Khani's journey began when she walked in and received from Zulu the body art she wanted. Soon thereafter, they were also seeing each other outside of the studio and became an integral partner in the [...]

2018-08-09T12:21:04-06:00September 5th, 2015|Studio Spotlight, Zulu Tattoo|

In Your Face Tattooz – Gavin Bowe

Experience Has It Covered 22years ago an aspiring artist walked into his local studio and never looked back. This artist, Gavin Bowe of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin's In Your Face Tattooz, was on his way after a shortened apprenticeship. Soon after, he was running the show at his first studio. When 2000 rolled around around [...]

2016-11-10T13:08:09-06:00July 29th, 2015|In Your Face Tattooz, Studio Spotlight|

No Egrets Tattoo Studio

As with most who come to practice their craft and artistry in tattooing, Maria Haycraft and Ben Drawdy have come to Clarksville, Tennessee to bring only the highest standards in business and tattooing with their No Egrets Tattoo Studio. The Best in Clarksville No Egrets Tattoo Studio has striven since it's beginning in 2009 to [...]

2018-08-09T12:24:14-06:00May 7th, 2015|No Egrets Tattoo Studio, Studio Spotlight|