What Tatt2Away Is and Is Not

//What Tatt2Away Is and Is Not

What Tatt2Away Is and Is Not

There are a lot of variations in tattoo removal methods out there. Laser, chemical peels, creams, do-it-yourself kits, and so on. There’s also a major variation in outcomes. Even within FDA-regulated laser removal, some treatments work better than others. Rejuvatek Medical, Inc is continually invested in making Tatt2Away give the most consistent results that we can. We’ve come a long way since development first started in 2008, and even since we started offering Tatt2Away to tattoo studios in 2013.

What makes the difference?

A good Tatt2Away treatment takes advantage of a number of tools and techniques we’ve developed over the years to consistently give the best outcomes that we can. These include the medical-grade handpieces and other equipment, our patented adhesive-backed transparent templates with optimized spacing for best ink removal and recovery, an extensive aftercare program, and ongoing education and training for our technicians to stay up-to-date with the latest research.

You can read all about the things that sets Tatt2Away apart from other removal techniques in this new article (also found under our Tattoo Removal information section).

Tatt2Away is a specific patented method for non-laser, all-natural tattoo removal. The patent and registered trademark cover unique elements – including the template – that contribute to its success.   If you visit a location claiming to be a certified Tatt2Away center and they fail to use the template in your procedure, leave (and please let us know).

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