Tattoo Removal in La Jolla, California

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La Jolla Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center

7301 Girard Ave #202,

La Jolla, CA 92037

(858) 326-3770

Welcome to La Jolla Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center, your oasis of skin health and rejuvenation in the picturesque town of La Jolla, California. Our commitment goes beyond offering top-tier skincare solutions; we’re pioneers in the realm of tattoo removal. We have adopted the revolutionary Tatt2Away® method, a patented technology that promises a new era in ink elimination. While conventional laser treatments push the ink back into your system, Tatt2Away® meticulously lifts it from the skin, ensuring an effective and safer removal process. Looking to free yourself from a tattoo that no longer resonates with you? Schedule a tattoo removal consultation at La Jolla Dermatology today and embrace the potential of a fresh start.


Life changes & so can tattoos. Do you have a tattoo that you would like removed or revised? Tatt2Away The Gold Standard of Tattoo Removal can help.