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True Fit Tattoo Studio

6561 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115
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True Fit owner Tomas Archuleta on being a Tatt2Away® center:

Why did you become a Tatt2Away center?  “Opportunity! Another crucial ‘tool for my toolbox’ if you will.  Now when I meet a client who has work from the past that they are embarrassed or ashamed of, I have the opportunity to help them. To take away that feeling and replace it with something that they can be proud of.”

Tatt2Away is a non-laser, all-natural tattoo removal system. Unlike laser, it’s effective on all ink colors and pigments, and also unlike laser, fully removes the ink from the body rather than leaving it in the liver and lymph nodes.   Tatt2Away is effective not only for people who want full tattoo removal, but through selective, partial removal, it gives both artist and client more coverup options.

How does it benefit your clients?  “My Tatt2Away clients have every advantage with this tattoo removal system. It makes what would be a very long, very costly procedure with a laser removal, a much more cost effective and shorter process time wise with Tatt2Away.”

What’s the comparison to laser?  “Did I mention that Tatt2Away is way less painful than laser removal?  That alone is awesome, but it also completely extracts the ink out of my client.  Laser does not remove the ink from the body, it just makes the body absorb the ink,” he said.  “The cost and time it will take to complete the removal are so much less than laser. It’s a no brainer for anyone who does even a small amount of research.”

What about the increasing demand of coverups?  “The coverup game is changed with Tatt2Away, I can work around a piece or directly on it. I can do a partial removal and work the artwork through that if I don’t need to completely remove it.”

Why come to True Fit for a tattoo or a Tatt2Away DESCoverup?  “Consistency. From start to finish. Providing a professional experience for every client, who often times become friends after many hours in my chair. I make sure every piece that walks out of my studio is solid, high quality artwork that my client will wear proudly. I have hand-picked my crew and they play such a vital role in the success of True Fit Tattoo Studio and treat every client like family.”

Last thoughts?  “I really believe in Tatt2Away, and I can explain it to a potential client in a way that they understand, and know they are in the best hands for their removal or coverup. I am also 100% honest with every client and will tell you the best route for your specific needs.”


Tatt2Away is a specific patented method with a registered trademark.  If you visit a location claiming to be a certified Tatt2Away center and they fail to use the template in your procedure, leave (and please let us know).

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True Fit Tattoo Studio – San Diego, California

Tomas Archuleta became a Tatt2Away® center because Tatt2Away continued to show up. Every time it showed up, he ignored it, and then it would show up again. “When I hear something over and over [...]