3 Part Series – Maximizing Your Studio’s Cover Up Potential Part 3

//3 Part Series – Maximizing Your Studio’s Cover Up Potential Part 3

3 Part Series – Maximizing Your Studio’s Cover Up Potential Part 3

Tatt2Away and the DEScoverup Processby Cee Jay Jones

I hope you enjoyed reading the other two parts of my series on effective cover ups and found some useful information that you can use. In the last part of my three part series, I would like to discuss the value of selective cover up removal and pattern disruption as an addition to your effective cover up process.

I mentioned Tatt2Away previously as a new effective way of removing pigment from the skin without several of the draw backs that we see with laser treatments. One very important element to the Tatt2Away removal system is that they have a patented stencil process which is instrumental in breaking up a preexisting tattoo’s pattern. Often in the process of laser removal, the technician will follow the flow of the existing tattoo which leaves a very distinct pattern even if laser treatments were successful in entirely removing pigment form the skin. The shape of an unwanted tattoo adds an element of difficulty to it. Our brains are wired to look for the recognizable, the pattern in things (seeing images in clouds, rock formations and in many other things). When this is done with laser, the pattern of the tattoo is still there. Also, depending on the type of laser removal technician your client has seen and how well they have healed, has everything to do with the amount of scarring which may occur. Scarring is another point of contention for the cover up artist. There’s nothing more annoying than to successfully and skillfully execute a cover up tattoo, but when the light hits it just right; you can see that tell tale scar of the former tattoo just mocking you. Unfortunately, the condition of someone’s skin has a lot to do with the success rate of a tattoo. The more we can minimize scarring, the more successful our cover up’s will be.

Tatt2Away Progression

With Tatt2Away, you use a template which has a specific pattern with a series of circles that have been mathematically calculated to yield the best results for scar reduction, pattern disruption and multiple layering treatments. You do not follow the shape of the existing tattoo using the Tatt2 Away process; instead you follow the template, filling in a series of circles. After just one treatment, you can greatly disrupt the pattern to such an extent, sometimes you won’t event need a second treatment to cover what you need.

But, the value in the Tatt2Away template has even more positives when it comes to selective cover up situations. When you over lap the circles it covers the area in a non-descript fashion almost as an anti pattern. For example, if you are simply trying to correct only one letter or word on an existing tattoo, overlapping your circles will take the pigment out and simply erase what is needed, rather than leave an exact shape of that letter to have to contend with when it’s time to correct it. The shape beneath will always faintly be evident in the case of letters. Not so using Tatt2Away’s patented template, again because it disrupts the pattern of the letter.

Being able to not only pin point and remove just one annoying portion of a an existing tattoo without a left over pattern is an entirely new world for most of us and an option not to be ignored by those who live off of cover up tattoos. I strongly recommend checking out Tatt2Away to see how amazing this tool can be in the process of selective pigment removal. For more cover up advice and helpful hints, check back here and thanks for reading.



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