Beating cancer and healing with tattoos

//Beating cancer and healing with tattoos

Beating cancer and healing with tattoos

The art of tattooing is expanding so vastly and is so versatile, it almost supersedes the mere label of art. Tatt2Away has been part of this expanding range of services available for creating better art with cover ups or removing unwanted tattoos. The industry is constantly evolving and now for some people, tattooing has even become a tool in winning in the fight against breast cancer.

cancer-ribbon-tattoos-41Areola tattooing and post mastectomy tattooing is becoming an important part of the tattooing industry. It’s a relatively new concept in tattooing that is needed and greatly appreciated in a time when breast cancer rates have skyrocketed and there’s more focus on treatments and drugs than a cure. It’s fighting back at cancer with tattoos and its importance in the modern tattoo industry needs to be recognized as the need for this type of specialized tattooing grows.

Areola and post mastectomy tattoos are more than just a tattoo for the many women who have had to deal with breast cancer. It gives them back something that has been taken from them and it’s a lot more than what appears on their chest. We’re talking about confidence and control for starters, though I’m sure there are a great many other emotions attached to the process of beating cancer. These women who choose to landscape their bodies with tattoos have the option to do something that they have control over. They didn’t have a choice in getting cancer, it was something that they had no control over. Choosing to change the appearance of their body after surgery is something they can control which is part of regaining their confidence. They decide which artist and what they want to see when they look in the mirror. As an artist, there is no greater responsibility than helping people overcome obstacles and helping them heal. Understanding what an important facet post surgical tattooing is for many people makes it instrumental in the growth of this very specific form of art.

cancer-ribbon-tattoos-36One of the first tattoo artists to approach the subject of areola and nipple tattooing is Vinnie Myers in Finksburg, MD. He is revered for his work and has helped countless women on their journey to overcoming breast cancer. He has not only perfected the art of post surgical tattooing, he has groomed a very select group of artists that work alongside him helping victims to heal. In fact, his own daughter is now part of his team. Here’s a link to a recent article about him:

Tee jay of White Tiger Tattoos in Rochester, NY is another well respected and talented artist who has also built a solid foundation in post surgical tattooing. She has helped countless women on their path to healing and was instrumental in helping the Eternal Ink Company develop specific pigments for the purpose of areola tattooing. The development of these pigments is very helpful in post surgical tattooing because the collection of consistent natural hues that Eternal Ink has to offer makes it much easier to match every possible skin tone and color, giving the reconstructive artist the ability to create something that perfectly fits their client.

cancer-ribbon-tattoos-40Tee Jay’s artistic prowess is so superior that some women have taken their post surgical tattooing to new levels by having art replace areolas and scarring. Post mastectomy tattooing doesn’t have to be limited to replacing areolas; there are vast amounts of artistic options that exist only limited by imagination. Artists have been requested to create beauty in triumph over scarring and the results are amazing. There is so much more to be offered to someone who is healing from breast cancer than simply nipples any more. Here is a site that beautifully exhibits this:

Post surgical tattooing is one of the newest forms of art on skin that may unfortunately become a permanent and increasingly important genre of the tattoo industry in the very near future unless something changes. What I mean is that it’s essential this type of tattooing exists, but the devastating fact that 1 in 8 women in the US. will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime is alarming. About 40,290 women in the U.S. were expected to die in 2015 from breast cancer and all the pink ribbon tattoos in the world won’t fix that. Despite the fact that post surgical tattooing can be beautiful and greatly helpcancer-ribbon-tattoo-fonts women, it would be better if we didn’t need such work. But, for those who have battled with breast cancer and won it’s good to know that there are artist’s who can help them on their journey to recovery.

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