Common Reasons for Tattoo Removal

//Common Reasons for Tattoo Removal

Common Reasons for Tattoo Removal

Tattooing has been happening for centuries, and for some cultures has been a part of a rich heritage that defines a people. In western civilizations, the art of tattooing has not enjoyed a stellar reputation until recently (the last 20 years) and has been considered anything but mainstream. As more and more of the rising generation is erasing the stigma of what it means to be tattooed, there comes the question, “What happens when I want to get this removed?”

Procedures of the Past

In the past, several methods have been used to try and remove the ink from skin, some with physically ruinous results of skin staining, scarring, prolonged pain and maintenance. Even the “safest” bet that you can get with a doctor, lasers have a full downswing of side effects. excessive bleeding, and ineffective treatments. So, what can you count on? Which type of system is the right one for you and your studio?

Reasons to Remove a Tattoo

We’ll answer that in just a moment, but to truly understand the pains someone would go through to remove or modify a tattoo via removal is half of the answer. And to do this we would have to crawl inside thousands of heads (imagine that!) and derive their motivations: safe to say that we can group these motivations (without numbering them all) into 4 categories. If you are reading this and want to have your tattoo removed you will fall into one of these categories. As a Studio Owner, you will need to clearly identify who you want to target and get in your doors for your location.

Art or Tattoo Experience Shame

It may have been done on a whim, a drunken night, or when a person was pressured into it by peers. It may have been the thing to do with that group they hung out with so long ago (or maybe even last week). And no matter how well, or badly the tattoo turned our for them, the whole experience of having a tattoo was something that they just don’t like. Most of the time those that fit in this category had complications with the original art work, or had it placed on an area of their body that just wasn’t right for them, or it was an outright poorly executed tattoo. Continually hiding a tattoo they’re ashamed of is getting to a point where they just want it off, no matter the money, pain or time to have it done.

Wrong Artist at Wrong Time

The individuals in this category are those that would be enthusiastic about their tattoos if the tattoo was, something (in look, color or structure), closer to what they truly wanted. They had in their mind’s eye some masterpiece and what they received was a child’s scribbling. Or they had one piece in mind, and because of time, money, space or the ability of the artist, it just didn’t turn out right. They got the wrong tattoo and now because it’s “permanent” they live with it but seek a way to get a cover up or they turn to the ineffective ways of laser perhaps to lighten it up.

Life Style Changes

People in this category are those wild children who have become respectable adults or have otherwise changed their lifestyle, such as those who move on from gang afilliations, biker clubs, cheer leading squads, etc. where the tattooing culture lent itself to art that may have been offensive, off-color or just downright silly. Whichever it may be the motivation is to remove what was indicative of who they once were, but are no longer. These changes, and the tattoos from the past may even collide against each other and limit the changed one to what he/she want to accomplish in their lives. Removal is what they hope for, and in their desperation, they may resort to more drastic measures with not only incessant laser treatments that destroy their dermis, but may even look to home remedies that also scar and cause permanent skin damage.

Wanting More Ink and Pigment

This last category are those who may have gotten something that was trendy in the past (can we say arm tribal/barbed wire bands?) but that no longer fits in with the rest of the ink and art they now have. They are limited in what they can do or have done because the unwanted tattoo is in an area that breaks up a larger piece or bigger tattoo. The traditional cover up could work, but there are limitations to how much ink and dark colors one can place in the skin to disguise it. This person want the existing pattern disrupted or completely remove it, leaving a “blank canvas” for the art and the artist of their choice.

DEScoverup of Tatt2Away

Out of all the modalities that can be used for tattoo removal, we hold that the Disruptive, Escharotic (scab inducing), Selective type of removal or cover up is the system to use. Through patent-protected solution  and methodologies, the technician is able to draw out the ink and pigment Рregardless of color Рfrom the skin. Done in a controlled environment you can gain the results that will joyfully satisfy everyone in each of the above categories.

If you are looking for removal of an unwanted tattoo come to the experts at the one of the nationwide Tatt2Away Studio Centers. Consult with them, gain a treatment plan congruent with your purpose and learn what you can expect. Contact us to find the closest Tatt2Away Studio Center to you!

For studio owners who long for a safe effective way to remove or alter the tattoo of those who come through your doors, this is the prime opportunity for you to gain the information you need to make the right decision to bring the Tatt2Away System to your location.

Contact us today and get into the best innovation that has hit the tattoo industry in 100 years.

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