Homemade tattoo removal: What could go wrong?

//Homemade tattoo removal: What could go wrong?

Homemade tattoo removal: What could go wrong?

By C.J. Jones

Ok, we’ve all heard them; bad tattoo stories and even worse, bad tattoo removal stories. I’ve got a couple of cherished cases of people taking their tattoo removal into their own hands. In fact, they were so hilarious, that I wrote about those stories in my first book, Ink on My Face (along with other tattoo stories) Here is the link to my shameless plug: — CLICK HERE for my Wonderful Book!

ADVISORY – DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT DO ANY of the unsafe methods shown in the links and videos below!

Again, you know everyone out there has one of “those” stories to share with friends around the campfire or at their local tattoo studio. I thought about a different take on some pretty heinous tattoo removal stories. Why not let the narrators of these wayward tattoo removal endeavors share with us all in pure exhibitionist bliss on the worldwide web? So, I’ve hunted down some of the worst tattoo removal videos and stories on the net and set you up with links for your viewing pleasure. I would like to warn you this is not for those who have weak stomachs. It’s a shame that none of these people knew what Tatt2Away is, because it could really help. It is the leading non-laser tattoo removal system out there and would have worked out much better than these gut wrenching attempts to remove tattoos. Take a look:


1) This first video is a great way to convince your clients, not to order anything from the internet and seek a trained, certified professional:

Article to the Non-advisable at-home tattoo removal kit

(and the pictures in the article made me throw up in my mouth a little)

2) I’m going to mention three words here: Beer, trailer, fork. I had to fast forward through the stupidity, but once you get to the removal part, everything after is pretty funny in a tragic way:


In a similarly related video, here’s an oldie, but goodie, just in case you missed it:


3) I’m not going to lie: I like this story and it’s written in such a superbly British style that it’s actually fun to read:

Woman Cuts Out Tattoo From Her Arm

There are also associated videos on YouTube done by some twenty-somethings who desperately want to be Tosh.0 when they grow up. It’s obnoxious. Take my word for it, read the link and save the headache on the YouTube videos.

4) Worst way ever to remove tattoos: Power tools! I couldn’t even watch!


5) I have to give this next guy some credit on him taking a grinder to his face tattoos. It’s pretty much one of the most metal things I’ve heard of for a long time:

Welder Takes Grinder to the Face to Get Rid of Tattoos


6) Last but not least, there is an unfortunate collection of Videos by this guy (whose Youtube name is WreakingBall) that chooses to remove his tattoos by himself with an 80% solution of TCA acid in his bathroom at home:

The link here is merely the beginning of a homemade tattoo removal venture. I’ve watched almost every single one of these videos and YES, I fast forwarded through many of them, stopping at points that had me sufficiently aghast. Again, if only this guy had heard of Tatt2Away. It’s a more affordable option than laser and I’m positive it’s less painful than pouring straight up acid on your skin!

It’s unfortunate to watch this video, because though this guy isn’t the sharpest spoon in the drawer, he seems like a real nice dude who has good intentions. His main reasoning for trying to remove his tattoos is because he’s trying to get into the army. Over the course of the videos, it seems he has a wife and a kid (because you can hear it in the background). I think he’s bravely desperate or desperately stupid, but whichever the case, his heart is in the right place and I appreciate that he’s got so many videos documenting his process. All that aside, it’s fascinating to see what acid can do to your skin. Literally this guy gave himself chemical burns. The wounds look gnarly and he makes sure to get the camera in for a real close look at the scabs.

AGAIN DO NOT DO ANY OF THE INCREDIBLY STUPID WAYS of Getting Rid of your old, faded, or unwanted tattoos

If anything, having this little bank of self tattoo removal lessons may serve as a warning to others. It can also be a valuable tool in convincing clients NOT to take matters into their own hands. The moral of the story here is; “Don’t try this at home kids”.

Let the professional Studio Centers who offer the Tatt2Away system help you out. Get the most optimal results, which cost less, and hurt much less from what you saw above – Contact Us Today to get started on removing your tattoo the right way!



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