The Top 3 Services to Offer at Your Studio

//The Top 3 Services to Offer at Your Studio

The Top 3 Services to Offer at Your Studio

By Cee Jay Jones

Diversify for Your Tattoo Studio Success

Tattooing began in our country as a counter culture with a rich interesting history that’s ingrained in our society as something not to be ignored. The business of tattooing has grown beyond the sailors at the bowery, beyond jail cells, bikers and other things rarely explored or understood by the general populous. Tattooing is a legitimate business and in recent years, we’ve watched the beginning of the corporatization of our art and industry.

As an artist, I want nothing to do with any facet of the corporate monster that looms over us free thinkers like a prison guard, but I do understand that there has to be a certain level of participation on my part (however unwilling) in order to thrive in today’s society. With that said, I have a business to run and if I want to eat, I need to ensure my business is successful. It would be negligent, arrogant and ignorant to toss aside the value in learning lessons from people, business and yes, corporations that operate successfully. In the age of information, there simply is no excuse to remain ignorant about anything.

One valuable strategy you will often see in successful corporations is diversification. Not all companies diversify, some have very specific arenas they cater too, but even within specific arenas, you will find options. For those companies that do; they reach a wider audience and gain higher profits.

First Service to Offer at the Tattoo Studio

The body modification industry as a whole has begun the diversification process and in a market more competitive than ever before the best way for us to increase our profit margin is to expand upon the services we offer our clients. It’s like when you have a tattoo studio with artists each catering to a different style in tattooing. A larger more diverse clientele base will frequent your studio if you have different artists that appeal to different types of clients. This will automatically increase the volume of customers at your studio, because there are about as many different tastes and styles of tattoos as there are people.

The Second Service to Offer

There once was a time where a studio thrived on tattoos and tattoos alone. We are watching those days disappear from beneath us at a rapid rate. Even when tattoo shops did nothing but tattoos, often you find artists supplementing their income with art or tattoo flash to sell when times are slow. It’s not uncommon any more to see a tattoo studio that also houses a piercer as well. In fact, that this is so often the norm, people who call studios without piercers are nearly befuddled when they discover there isn’t one. A smart business owner is in touch with their clients and the demographic in their area and is in touch with the latest trends. The body modification industry has changed exponentially since its underground beginnings. It’s not just tattoos any longer. As tattooists, we are interwoven with many different types of body modification weather our business host these options or not.

With the body modification industry more saturated with options and competition than ever before, we are watching the old school tattoo shops diminish and a new crop of artists raised in a capitalist society taking hold of our industry.

The Third and Newest Service to Offer at the Studio

It’s important to offer options to clients to remain competitive. The Tatt2Away System is one more very versatile tool that will aid any studio interested in cutting edge diversification to enhance their body modification business.

The more options we offer our clients, the more options we have to increase profits; plain and simple. Tatt2Away offers us options as artists beyond even just tattoo removal. It offers the option to remain competitive in this constantly changing and evolving industry and it adds an entirely new influx of clients who may not otherwise have considered patronizing your business.

It’s exceptionally beneficial to have a tattoo removal system in-house, so you can work with that person on future endeavors and build a rapport with that client. Even if that client isn’t interested in getting more tattoos, if you give them a positive experience they will refer their friends who may be interested in other services you offer. The point is to have other options to keep that person in-house. When you have to refer a client to someone else for tattoo removal, you have less of a chance that client will return to you, because at that point they’re in someone else’s environment and subject to the opinions and suggestions of people who may not have your business’s best interests in mine.

Diversification is the best way to expand your client base, keep people interested and build your profit. So, take a hint from the big guys and mull over diversification and how it can expand your business; then consider contacting Tatt2Away to see what they can do for you.

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