Addictions In Ink Tattoo – Tattoo Removal Wichita KS

Addictions In Ink

1255 S Tyler
Wichita, KS 67209

America’s heartland is more than wheat fields and wide open spaces, it is also well-known for the amazing artwork being done with needles and ink on skin. In Wichita, no better example can be had than Addictions in Ink Tattoo, founded in 2008 by Bryan Parsons and Tiffani Gruver. As someone who looks for the best art, you can certainly find it in abundance with Tiffani, Bryan and their crew of artists.

Tattoo art is certainly more than the tattoo machine and the ink and pigment used, it’s about the people. “I agree,” said Tiffani, “it truly is about the people, the customers we meet that is enjoyed most.” The diverse people,art requests and innumerable reasons for getting tattoos is what keeps driving Addictions in Ink. Even as they travel across the country to the best tattoo conventions, this is the motivation for Bryan and Tiffani to do the best artwork.


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