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Marc’s Tattooing

749 Scranton Carbondale Hwy
Dickson City, PA 18519

Marc’s Tattooing is an artist-owned, full-service custom tattoo studio, offering non-laser, tattoo removal and specializing in all styles of tattooing and body piercing. The original Dickson City location opened in March 1993 and Marc’s now has multiple locations across the Wyoming Valley of NEPA.

The Wilkes-Barre location provides Tatt2Away®, a natural, non-laser tattoo removal procedure  done very similar to tattooing. Tatt2Away is designed to remove ink from the body, rather than drive it deeper as laser does.  In addition to fully removing an unwanted tattoo, partial removal treatments allow for more coverup choices, particularly if the existing tattoo is dark or has thick lines.

Jon Owens, co-owner, piercer, and Tatt2Away technician, gives some first-hand insight.

Why did you get Tatt2Away? We’d been interested in removal for a long time and had looked into all the options we could find, including laser.    None of the rest were viable or natural for a studio to do. When we became aware of Tatt2Away we knew it was the better option from the rest

What advantages has it given you as a shop?  It gives our clients options. They have more possibilities for coverups, and it provides the removal service in house.  Now we’re able to help people who regret their tattoos. From hate symbols, ex-partner’s names, to military service, people change and we are here to help

Why did you choose Tatt2Away over laser?  Being applied with a machine allows for precise removal in smaller areas. We can talk with the artists about what is needed to be removed first to proceed with a coverup in the future.

Why is it better than laser? Price point, period. Fewer treatments. More cost effective. Less pain. If laser is a broadsword,Tatt2Away is a scalpel.  It’s precision.

All Marc’s artists and piercers are Red Cross Certified in First Aid & Bloodborne Pathogens, practice autoclave sterilization, and are upheld to the highest standards of professionalism and artistry.  The artists are friendly and customer service is priority.


Fill out the information in the form below and upload images of the tattoo you want to remove. We will review your submission and contact you with treatment recommendations.