Full Service (Monthly)

Full Service (Monthly)

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Includes all Full Service benefits. Payments to be made monthly for one year, at which point, you may renew or change your membership plan.

Our Full Service 2.0 program has been developed through the participation of several studios providing specific feedback through focus groups. We have also listened to your input through our customer service team, sales and management; thanks to all who participated! Marketing is an ever-changing art and science. To be as effective as possible, the following deliverables will likely change from time to time. We will update any significant changes.


As part of your full service package, we develop written and graphic content, pay for and boost social media campaigns on a quarterly basis. At present, these campaigns are primarily Facebook and Instagram ads, but we are always monitoring the effectiveness of the ever-changing field of social media to ensure you get the best possible exposure. Details of these campaigns include:

  1. Q1 Spotlight promotion at launch. When you became a Tatt2Away Center we write up your studio spotlight and provide a lead generation form on your dedicated landing page. On Facebook we will create an ad using your studio spotlight and target potential customers that are within your DMA and interested in tattoos, tattoo modification or removal. We will provide statistics and results of this campaign and will notify you at the conclusion of this campaign.
  2. Q2 Re-introduce Spotlight promotion. In Q2 we will re-introduce the spotlight email and lead generation form targeting the same area, but with the intention of staying on top of mind to those who have already seen the ad, and to reach more people who were not reached in Q1. We will provide statistics and results of this campaign and will notify you at the conclusion of this campaign.
  3. Q3 Tatt2Away Content Piece. In Q3, We will create an ad targeting your DMA with a content piece/blog post (Example: Laser vs Tatt2Away) along with a lead generation form. The intent is to provide your prospective clients with intriguing  content with a mechanism to capture leads. We will provide statistics and results of this campaign and will notify you at the conclusion of this campaign.
  4. Q4 Client Stories. In Q4, We will help you create a “your story” highlighting your experience and your clients experience using Tatt2Away. We will need from you pictures documenting the journey of some of your DEScoverup or removal clients. Once completed, we will set up social media ads to target to prospective clients in your DMA coupled with a  lead generation form to capture leads. We will provide statistics and results of this campaign and will notify you at the conclusion of this campaign.
  5. Renewals: Upon your annual renewal, we will develop and prepare a success “Case Study” including your before and after pictures, purchase and run the ads and campaigns described above for another year.


For Initial and renewing Centers we create a Spotlight article with graphics which are featured on the tatt2away.com home page in a horizontal banner and is also included in the on-going rotating carousel banner with other Centers. After announcing your new Center’s joining Tatt2Away, your Spotlight will be updated in about six months to feature your Tatt2Away success. These spotlights are linked to a contact form which automatically directs removal inquiries to your studio.


Shortly after you became a Tatt2Away Center, we create a dedicated landing page on our site featuring an image of your studio, your logo, and your contact information. We write content illustrating your business story and create a lead generation form that submits leads directly to you when prospective clients request you contact them. Since this separate site also links to your website it enhances your ranking in search engines like Google.


When you schedule your technician training, we put you on our map. The map links to your landing page, the lead generation form and your website. This makes it very easy for prospective clients in your area to find and connect with you.


After you have uploaded Tatt2Away and DEScoverup logos from the “Studio Marketing Materials” page, copied photos you want to use, and have updated your website with an original page of content telling your site visitors you are now a Tatt2Away Center, we review your site for branding requirements and ease of navigation and make any recommendations for improvement.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an intense methodology in strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to your website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine like Google. Here is a video illustrating the process [How SEO Works]. Once we have made our navigation and website review and you have updated for any changes, our SEO experts make an exhaustive study and provide you a comprehensive report on your SEO status with recommendations for improving and maintaining high rankings.


As part of our on-going marketing support, we develop and email to you and also post in the Member’s Section, monthly tips for a multitude of self-help aids in growing your business including PR approaches for you to consider in approaching your local media, generating customer campaigns, web content ideas etc.


The following are available with or without your studio logo and contact information (see pricing and delivery time under the “shop” menu). We provide these in reasonable quantities, free of charge for Full Service members can be viewed here:

  1. Tri- folded 8 1/2″ x 11″ literature for your lobby or to hand out at expo’s or distribute elsewhere
  2. 4” x 9”Promotional flyers printed both sides on glossy card stock, printed on both sides
  3. Customized 17″ wide by 11″ high, two-sided promotional slick (mini billboards) for posting at coffee shops and other high traffic areas
  4. 16” x 12” exterior storefront vinyl glass door or window signs identifying your studio as an authorized Tatt2Away Center
  5. 8 1/2” x 11” Lobby book or loose leaf inserts for your waiting area


Available for you to download anytime and use for web pages, your facebook or to take to your local printer here:

  1. All Marketing Printed Collateral listed above is ready for you to download and print, available 24/7 for self-printing or to take to your local printer on a thumb drive or other media. You or your printer can imprint your logo and studio information in the space provided.
  2. “Tatt2Away” and “DEScoverup” logos are available to download and place or print on any colored background, for you to upload to your website, social media or to print. The logos are “vector graphics” that you, your printer or web master/developer can easily size from a tiny web menu to the size of a large booth.
  3. Booth banners in vector files for your local printer to size as you wish. We may be able to take customization requests at an additional graphic art charge.
  4. In-store signage to download, customize through your local graphic artist (or have us quote) and print through your local printer.


When you first sign up and when you renew annually, we develop a content-rich press release for you to use to send to your local media. With press release in hand, some studios have been successful through making personal contacts to get featured in local papers, sometimes on radio and on a few occasions getting a TV crew to do an in -studio feature for local news.