Limited Service (Monthly)

Limited Service (Monthly)

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Includes only Limited Service benefits. Payments to be made monthly for one year, at which point, you may renew or change your membership plan.

The present Limited Service Plan includes the following elements of the Full Service 2.0 plan:

PROTECTED DESIGNATED MARKETING AREA (DMA) / TERRITORY:  With only 1,000 locations planned for the U.S., each Tatt2Away Center secures its own protected area based on population and distance from any other location.  This not only distinguishes your shop from other studios in your area, it means that when they inquire based on your success, they’ll be unable to become a Tatt2Away Center.  Your ability to offer Tatt2Away and DEScoverup®, marketed properly, makes your license one of the greatest assets of your business. In time, when DMA’s are saturated and unavailable, the recognized value and differentiation from your competition will be even more readily apparent.

EXTENDED WARRANTY:  If you wear out a $3,500 handpiece or other equipment component every other year, keeping your membership active is inexpensive insurance. Subject to the warranty terms and conditions of your agreement, we will make a quick replacement on any equipment that is not working properly.

TRAINING & EDUCATION:  The $750 price for the mandatory annual recertification is included in your membership.  As part of your initial investment, you paid for a $2,500 training course and travel costs. Additionally, each year we spend significant resources benefiting each studio by collecting and assessing treatment photos, evaluating specific applications, providing aftercare protocols, researching and developing new and improved techniques, and developing / maintaining Tatt2Away University for online courses and re-certification.  Along with Tatt2Away University, all of the above is updated and maintained in both our online Techniques and Operations Manuals, available to you with your login credentials.  In addition to the required annual re-certification, all of these benefits are included in your membership, because you are a Tatt2Away member in good standing.

TEPRSOL® PURCHASE:  Members pay only $600 per pouch of ten treatment kits.   Non-members pay $750 per pouch.

REGULATORY SUPPORT:  Most legislatures who make laws (health departments enforce them) did not contemplate our TEPR® process in their regulations, because at the time the laws were written, lasers were the only viable removal option. Some health department inspectors will have questions, and you may need our help.  Additionally, as tattooing continues to evolve and states amend their regulations, as they all do, we will provide support to facilitate the inclusion of our process in any proposed legislation.

LANDING PAGE FOR LEAD GENERATION:  Although the Limited Membership doesn’t include marketing, we provide you with a landing page that acquaints potential clients with your shop and the Tatt2away process.  The page includes a form the inquirer can fill out, providing information not only about how to contact them, but about the tattoo they wish to be removed or covered.   We collect this, qualify it, and send it to you for free to ensure you don’t miss a potential customer.   Even without the ad campaigns that Full Service 2.0 members receive, you may still receive a few leads occasionally as people will discover the page on their own  When we first designed your page as a new Tatt2Away Center, it was designed to have SEO benefit, helping your studio to appear in Google searches such as “tattoo removal near me” or “tattoo removal in [city], [state]”.  While the Limited Marketing option doesn’t include an updated and evolving SEO strategy, the simple landing page should continue to provide some ongoing benefit from its original optimization.

MAPPING: Your studio  is included on our Locations page so that when someone is looking for their nearest Tatt2Away center, you’ll appear on the map in a list sorted by zip code, along with the other centers in your state.

DOWNLOADABLE MARKETING COLLATERAL (English Only): The Limited Membership plan provides the ability to purchase some of the free, Full-Service 2.0 marketing materials.  If you opt for the Limited Membership plan, the other significant marketing features in the Full-Service 2.0 plan are not included. The comparison chart above shows the difference between the Limited plan with limited marketing and the Full-Service 2.0 marketing plan. Other marketing deliverables may be purchased individually (al la carte). See the comparison chart above.