4 Aces Tattoo and Body Piercing – Franklin Park IL

///4 Aces Tattoo and Body Piercing – Franklin Park IL

4 Aces Tattoo and Body Piercing – Franklin Park IL

Jeff Jucha from 4 Aces Tattoo and Body Piercing in Franklin Park, Illinois comes from a background of discipline and hard work from his time serving in the United States Marine Corps. His time in the military brought up close and center with a bunch of tattoo types and styles. Some of them works of art most of them not so much exposed Jeff to having an appreciation for those that can work miracles with needles and ink. And after doing his part to keeping our nation safe, he was drawn to the tattoo industry and an apprenticeship in 2005.

His hard work and dedication to the craft brought him to the point 6 years ago that he opened up 4 Aces Tattoo at it’s current location to get to the community he loved the art and tattoos that they were wanting. 4 Aces has been built upon that foundation that every long lasting business has been. Getting the customer exactly what they want. “It all starts with the people,” Jeff began, “that is the life-blood of a great studio and as an artist you almost become a therapist with a tattoo machine.” The connection you develop between those who appreciate the artwork being done and the artist themselves also is a choice position to be in. “When you are able to place your art,” continued Jeff, “in skin instead of on canvas is a special trust that those who get the tattoo take with them everyday for the rest of their lives.”


The Love of the Art of Tattooing

From giving his own father his first tattoo when Jeff was first starting out to the military tattoos that are given out to his former brothers in arms, it is the love of family and tattooing that has brought Jeff to this point with his studio in Franklin Park. Jeff remarked, “It is because there is so many bad tattoos out there, even in the military who get taken advantage of and not getting the artwork that they truly want, drives me and my team of artists to provide the best in original artwork and in cover ups.” It is that search for the best, going above and beyond personalizing each tattoo given that brought him to looking for the best way to remove a tattoo.

4 Aces Tattoo has seen that tattoos have not only gotten more popular and widespread, but have seen more mistakes, the need for corrections and just plain ugly tattoos that are being done. Cover ups are an important part of the tattoo business and if you can lift the ink or pigment out of the skin partially or altogether then that is what would be ideal. That ideal is found in Tatt2Away’s Non-Laser, All Natural system. Where you go in to where the ink, no matter the color, and draw it out of the dermis. “It works,” concluded Jeff, “Tatt2Away pulls out the ink and pigment and with the time between sessions for the skin to heal, you will be able to place the better work from the artist of your choice at 4 Aces.”

Jeff’s location in Franklin Park is now scheduling consultations for Tattoo Removal with Tatt2Away’s Non-Laser System.

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