Best of Time Tattoo – Catonsville MD

///Best of Time Tattoo – Catonsville MD

Best of Time Tattoo – Catonsville MD

Best of Time Tattoo received it’s beginning all the way back in 1997 with Shane Heil when he was all but 10 years old. Starting his apprenticeship so long ago, first in piercing then in tattooing, at 29 he’s already venerable in the industry. Along with Kathy Kelley brought with Shane, the Best of Time Tattoo to Catonsville, Maryland in 2012.

Kathy Kelley, the owner, has always enjoyed working with Shane to bring that better art which today’s customers crave. Shane, having gone into the family business has known the happiness of working with the tattoo community making important life events on their skin. “I must enjoy,” remarked Shane, “mixing in the traditional with the new.” That’s not to say, he’s no longer doing the piercing; implants, dermals, and the like continue to be his specialty and from which he’s well-known.

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Giving Access to the Art You Want

As tattoos have gotten more popular and widespread, mistakes, corrections and just plain ugly tattoos are bound to happen. The need for multiple option for a cover-up is a must. “We have been familiar with the capabilities of laser,” Kathy said, “but frankly, we aren’t satisfied with what lasers can do.” Both Kathy and Shane had been looking for a process of tattoo removal that actually removed the ink from the skin regardless of color. And they have come across Tatt2Away.

Shane began, “In cover-ups if you can get rid of even a portion of a tattoo, you can do so much more as an artist.” Kathy added, “To change a tattoo from the very dark on up, you are severely limited on what choices you can offer and it’s not usually what they wanted in the first place.” Tatt2Away is colorblind, the process doesn’t care what color is made up within the unwanted tattoo. It goes where the ink is in the skin and eliminates or draws out the ink and pigment from the treated area. Selectively disrupting the patterns of a tattoo that gives studios like Best of Time Tattoo unlimited options for cover-ups. “There will always be the need of a cover-up,” said Shane, “and Tatt2Away is what our customer base wanted.” By joining our tattoo removal family in Maryland, Best of Time Tattoo’s Kathy concluded, “We are excited to be a Tatt2Away Studio Center in Catonsville!”


Kathy and Shane are now scheduling consultations for Tattoo Removal with Tatt2Away’s Non-Laser System.

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