Black Diamond Tattoo – Venice CA

///Black Diamond Tattoo – Venice CA

Black Diamond Tattoo – Venice CA

Tattooing at It’s Finest

Black Diamond Tattoo was established in 2008 in the heart of Venice, California. From the very beginning they set a high standard in tattooing. The team is comprised of talented tattooers each with years of experience and each artist specializing in a specific genre of tattooing to ensure each client receives the very best quality.

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Melding That Quality with Tatt2Away

Tatt2Away allows for an alternative option to give clients an even better result. By providing an effective method for removal, covers ups can be handled with ease and more options are available to clients.  Improving, refreshing, or redoing unwanted tattoos using the Tatt2Away method gives the artists more room to come up with a better result.

The Tatt2Away System and Processes are now available at Black Diamond Tattoo in California!

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Black Diamond Tattoo

412 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

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