Black Gold Studios – Rock Springs Wyoming

///Black Gold Studios – Rock Springs Wyoming

Black Gold Studios – Rock Springs Wyoming

How It All Got Started

Greg McCurtain, the owner of Black Gold Studios out of Rock Springs, Wyoming became interested in Tattoos at a young age. He loved the art and taught himself everything there was to know about tattooing. He worked for a three different tattoo studios for a few years before he decided he wanted to start his own, having always been entrepreneurial by nature and gaining a knack for getting the sale, Black Gold Studio was born four years ago.

Every artist has their favorite style and Greg is no different. He loves grey wash and skulls with a splash of color. “I would say my style fits under realism.” In Wyoming, there is a huge need for great artists in the Cowboy State. That’s what Greg continues to do. He enjoys people from all types of backgrounds and loves to hear their stories and has learned from some amazing artists who have become good friends to him. “Judy Parker and Sharon Brouse, have been a huge influences to me and have introduced me to tons of tattoo artist celebrities like Gus from tattoo nightmares. She also introduced me to the Alliance of Professional Tattooists,” Greg said.

Going Big in Wyoming

 He loves creating relationships with other studios and started his own tattoo convention centered in Rock Springs three years ago- Sweetwater County Ink Fest Tattoo and Arts Convention. Along with being introduced to Big Gus, he was also introduced to Lyle Tuttle, Shanghai Kate, and Tony Olivas who helped him shape the event to what it is today while giving him advice and influencing his art.

Greg loves bringing together great minds, “I wanted to get all the studio owners under one roof to learn from one another,” Greg explained. This year his convention will be held July 28th-31st.

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The Love of Cover Ups

In his business one of the favorite parts in doing tattoos are the cover ups. “ I love fixing bad tattoos. I love seeing their reactions after I finish a cover up,” explained Greg. Cover ups can certainly get expensive, especially if you are covering a large section – so Greg charges per session instead of per hour so it is affordable for everyone. “I did a cover up on a guy who had a black skull in cross a little bit ago and I covered it with a biomex mixed grey wash. The guy loved it- it covered his whole right arm. It is a great self affirmation when you do great work on your clients.” With this success, sometimes however, there is a need to have more options when it comes to dealing with old, faded, or unwanted tattoos.

Before Greg found Tatt2away, the non laser tattoo removal system, he had completed about 25 laser removals with a doctor but stopped, “It hurt so bad for the longest time and then I was left with bad scarring from the laser treatments,”Greg said. Always looking for something better than what he personally experienced he one day found the right solution. “I was looking online and a buddy was telling me about another option that didn’t involve lasers.” Greg was intrigued and once qualified jumped on board to offer it in his Black Gold Studio.

“I will use it a lot for cover ups. Now I can make much better cover ups.” Greg explained. He does cover ups so often this will help him have multiple options to do his best art for his customers. Another plus for him, and his Wyoming customers is that the pain from Tatt2Away is equal to getting the tattoo in the first place. “It is about the same pain,” concluded Greg, “as I have experienced it myself, as a medium handed artist.”

You too can now know the Tatt2Away difference for removing the tattoos you no longer want to have. Getting rid of that faded, or unwanted tattoo, especially in preparation to getting another in it’s place is what you can gain at Black Gold Studios.

Greg and his team are now scheduling free consultations in Rock Springs, call today and get started on what you really want!

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