Cloud N9ne Tattoo – Springfield Illinois

///Cloud N9ne Tattoo – Springfield Illinois

Cloud N9ne Tattoo – Springfield Illinois

One of the main goals for the crew at Cloud N9ne Tattoo Studio, in Springfield, Illinois, is ensuring that they are providing clients a superior body art experience. That means everything from creating awesome original designs that become permanent artwork on their bodies to helping people cover up not-so- awesome tattoos they’ve come to regret.

Owner Daniel Wilson, who has been drawing from an early age, began designing tattoos for friends after high school, and kept on practicing on friends, which led to opening Cloud N9ne in 2014. At the studio are a group of artists who are working together to create a great atmosphere for tattooing.

Being able to do original artwork on people, and the simple fact that people allow he and his artists to put something so permanent on them is something that Daniel finds fascinating. Therein also is a great deal of responsibility.

Skin as a canvas and being in demand is fulfilling, Daniel says, adding that each tattoo is unique, and he truly enjoys the process.

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Cover-ups can often be more challenging than a first-time tattoo. As Daniel explains, it can be hard to do a tattoo cover-up correctly and effectively. A perfect example was a neck tattoo – badly inked stars, that needed to be fixed from a being a big mistake to something the client would be proud to show to the world.

The cover-up process often starts with lightening or removing the old pigment. Imagine the pain that a client would have to endure from a laser zapping away on his neck! It wasn’t until Daniel discovered Tatt2Away – a revolutionary new all-natural, non-laser tattoo removal system, that he could offer to truly help clients (like the neck-tattoo- guy) wanting a better cover-up or to completely do away with their bad ink.

Tatt2Away uses an innovative patented technique TEPR (Trans Epidermal Pigment Release) with TERPSOL, a naturally occurring solution that binds and breaks down the ink pigments bringing them up and out of the body. Best of all – where the laser process is known to have difficulties removing certain pigment colors, Tatt2Away effectively rids the body of ALL colors in the spectrum, leaving virtually new skin, and a fresh canvas with which the artist can work.

Among the benefits of Tatt2Away that Daniel points out are less discomfort, fewer sessions and a more cost effective to do tattoo removal over any laser treatment that could be done. “We can now give more options on existing tattoos, making the impossible coverup possible and accessible to all,” Daniel says.

Daniel and Cloud N9ne Tattoo are now scheduling free consults for your old, faded or unwanted tattoo, do so today!

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Cloud N9ne Tattoo Studio

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