Doc Holliday Tattoo – Salt Lake City UT

//Doc Holliday Tattoo – Salt Lake City UT

Doc Holliday Tattoo – Salt Lake City UT

The Hobby Turned into a Career

Allen Record took a while to get into the tattoo industry but once he did, he certainly made up for lost time. Having always been fascinated with the tattooing process and during his time in the oil fields had multiple opportunities at his favorite studios to see masters at work. When he was ready to move into tattooing full time in Salt Lake City, Utah his apprenticeship turned into the chance of a lifetime to own the well-established Doc Holliday Tattoo.

“I have always enjoyed the deeper connection,” Allen began, “with those who choose to express themselves with tattoos.” And since 2009 Allen and his team at Doc Holliday Tattoo look forward to capturing those precious moments in time for their customers. “Whether it’s celebrating conquering breast cancer or life’s other events,” he added, “ It is a privilege to be asked to be a part of it.” The enjoyment of getting his customers that right tattoo, even if they don’t know it at the time, through listening to them and capturing ‘their moment’ makes the studio experience great in which to be involved.

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Tatt2Away the Tattoo Removal Standard

“For us at Doc Holliday,” Allen continued, “finding and becoming a Tatt2Away Center is two-sided.” His own experience of laser treatments he did to remove an unwanted sleeve tattoo brought it into focus. “Having gone through the excruciating pain and multiple thousands of dollars over the last 9 years,” he said, “I didn’t want others to suffer as I did.” It was because of that near unbearable pain to himself and his pocket book he began to search for the technology to effectively remove any color of tattoo ink. And in comes Tatt2Away.

“The second side of this is because it actually works,” quipped Allen, “It actually pulls out the tattoo ink, regardless of color, it is as painful as getting the tattoo in the first place and it’s less expensive with fewer needed sessions – it beats laser hands down.” The Tatt2Away system is revolutionizing tattoo removal right now as the new gold standard of care when someone wants to remove their tattoo. Either completely or partially to make room for better art by disrupting the unwanted tattoo’s pattern for that cover up you have desired and can now pay to have it done right. Doc Holliday Tattoo in Salt Lake City, Utah can now do it all for you. “It gives both the artist and those getting the cover up unlimited options,” concluded Allen, “That is what I like most about Tatt2Away.”


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