Electric Tattoo Parlor – Carpentersville Illinois

///Electric Tattoo Parlor – Carpentersville Illinois

Electric Tattoo Parlor – Carpentersville Illinois

How Opportunity Knocks

When Tom Begley was in school, his talents were centered in firefighting and carpentry. With his woodwork a well known studio asked for his services. That’s when opportunity came knocking! Fast forward many years to 2013, his wife Meagan decided to leave the corporate world and in 2015 cofounded Electric Tattoo Parlor in Carpentersville, Illinois.

Over those years, their experiences have brought both Meagan and Tom to the point where they have seen nearly all the aspects of tattooing. What they like most beyond the salesman side, the artistry, being social, and the determination and hard work, is: “becoming better and better at what each day gives you,” Tom started, “ being rewarded daily on what you set to do in tattooing is a great feeling.” For the both of them, it’s great to be a part of a community, which is made up of people you work with, friends coming by, those customers who come in often; “There are just so many things we enjoy,” said Meagan, “It’s wonderful to have so many different things to like and do.”

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No Substitute for Having and Being the Best

There have been enough bad tattoos. And in Carpentersville, Tom and Meagan have seen enough come through their studio’s doors that they felt they had to be offering something else, something more than what the industry had been offering. “We began looking for something better than laser removal,” Meagan continued, “we saw that our customers were already in need of it.” Searching for the highest quality of tattoo removal, and a process that actually removes the tattoo, they found Tatt2Away. “We want to provide the best here at Electric Tattoo Parlor,” quipped Tom, “With Tatt2Away we have that option for a non­laser process that takes the tattoo ink out, regardless of the color.” Add to that each session removes the uncertainty that lasers seem to always have with their treatments. “We know that when we treat an area of a tattoo, that the ink will be removed, and the pattern disrupted,” said Tom.

Non­Laser Tattoo Removal is where all the innovation is happening and as the new standard of care for removing your tattoos, Tatt2Away can now work those old, faded, and unwanted tattoos for better cover up and tattooing options. “Those who now want more from us can get the best art they want,” Tom concluded, “The options are unlimited, giving us something more and better to offer this wonderful tattoo community of ours.”

Electric Tattoo Parlor is now offering Tatt2Away in-studio and to the Carpentersville surrounding area in Illinois!

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Electric Tattoo Parlor

2319 Randall Rd
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