Eternal Tattoo and Body Piercing – Matt Allsman

///Eternal Tattoo and Body Piercing – Matt Allsman

Eternal Tattoo and Body Piercing – Matt Allsman

It’s in the Blood

When someone says, if you cut them they would bleed tattoo ink, that can be said most especially of Matt Allsman of Eternal Tattoo and Body Piercing. Not only was his father and uncle long-time artists in tattooing, Matt himself has been putting inks and pigments into skin since he was 14 years old. Matt’s near 3 decades practicing his tattooing craft has especially benefiting the whole state of Nebraska and those looking for amazing tattoos.

The love for the work, of creating something new everyday, of meeting interesting people and hearing the stories behind looking for great body art are only a few things Matt enjoys about being a tattoo artist. “We’ve grown so much as a studio,” Matt said, “ that it allows me to travel a lot being able to do guest spots and large conventions.” His skills as an artist are sought after industry wide.

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The One Thing About Tattoos

Many say that pre-existing ink, the artwork that is old, tired or faded can get in the way of a better piece, sleeve or cover up, and Matt is no different. “When someone wants a cover up,” he continued, “you are limited severely with what was there previously. If we could lighten, disrupt the pattern or make the ink disappear would be the best option.” With Tatt2Away that is exactly what you can do!

The ability of withdrawing the ink and pigment out of the skin through the Tatt2Away patented process disrupts the previous tattoo’s patterns releasing the ink from the dermis. Whether it’s a complete removal or just a modification of parts of a tattoo, your options for new art become unlimited. “Personal satisfaction,” Matt concluded, “ is what we aim to give with each tattoo and that satisfaction turns into the Word of Mouth we as a studio are looking for to be spontaneously given at the grocery store, the local bar, or wherever someone asks them, ‘Where did you get that great tattoo?’

You too can get your old tattoos removed or reduces to cover for new art!

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