Evolved Body Arts – Chad Miskimon and Brandis Pratt

///Evolved Body Arts – Chad Miskimon and Brandis Pratt

Evolved Body Arts – Chad Miskimon and Brandis Pratt

It Truly is Time to Evolve

The traditional methods of tattooing have remained the same over the ages with little or no innovation happening over the last several decades. But now, there is an in-depth evolution happening right now.

Evolved Body Arts, founded by Chad Miskimon and kept in shape by Brandis Pratt, settled in Edgewood, Maryland to provide their valued customers excellent tattoo work to tell their individual stories on their skin.┬áBrandis, hailing from the emergency trauma medical industry, joined Chad who turned his hobby and highly talented artistry to tattoos since 2012 in Edgewood. With one purpose – to bring everything beneficial with all their tattooing needs.

It’s About the People, People

Each piece of tattoo art can be memorable for better… and for worse. And when it’s worse the horrible, historically needed to be covered up. Chad and Brandis in their search for the cutting edge had become aware of Tatt2Away and the DEScoverup process. Tatt2Away, the non-laser removal system has introduced DEScoverup a Reduce to Cover way to modify a tattoo for a better desired cover up.

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“Our business, in large portion, “Chad┬ásaid, “is cover ups and we wanted to offer to our people to the painful and expensive lasering choices.” DEScoverup’s process allows there to be no limits in what you can have to cover up an unwanted tattoo.

“Clients can now be more excited to get exactly what they want,” added Brandis. Utilizing Tatt2Away’s DEScoverup, Evolved Body Arts can pinpoint precisely the undesired ink or pigment. You can keep in-house the results and outcomes wanted.

It’s Time to Evolve, Contact Chad and Brandis – at Evolved Body Arts to find out the details and schedule your consultation today!

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