Exotic Pleasures Tattoo

Exotic Pleasures Tattoo

New beginnings are a part of every great endeavor and although the brand and the location is new for Exotic Pleasures Tattoo, the founders Justin Lahdelma and Zack Volatile have been a part of the Tattoo Community practicing their trade for quite some time. For over 2 decades altogether they have combined the artistry of both piercing and tattoos.

Exotic Pleasures Tattoo in Glen Burnie, Maryland is the melding together the old school methods of tattooing and piercing with the next in the revolution of the industry. Justin, who started doing piercings connected with Zack who has been tattooing nearly from infancy. “We bring to out customers the new styles, mixed with the known ways of applying the ink,” said Justin.

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Begin the Journey

And with their new location Exotic Pleasures Tattoo is installing as well the Tatt2Away capabilities. A non-laser tattoo removal system by applying the DESCoverup process. AS a Tatt2Away Center their clients can come to get their tattoos completely removed; or they can selectively erase a portion of an unwanted tattoo. Through Disruptive, Escharotic, Selective Cover ups Exotic Pleasures Tattoo enables you access to the next evolution of tattoos.

“We researched it all extensively,” Justin said,”All the ways we could help remove our customers unwanted tattoos. Laser and non-laser methods alike. Out of everything else on the market, we chose to become a Tatt2Away Center because they get the best results with fewer treatments,at a better price.”

Whether it be a piercing, placing a tattoo or modifying existing ones with the DESCoverup process Blvd. Has what any tattoo lover would desire.“We are positioned to help our tattoo customers with it all.” Justin concluded.

Find Out How Justin and Zack at Exotic Pleasures Tattoo can remove or modify your tattoos


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Exotic Pleasures Tattoo

10 Aquahart Rd
Glen Burnie Maryland 21061

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