EZ Ink Tattoo – Colorado Springs, Colorado

///EZ Ink Tattoo – Colorado Springs, Colorado

EZ Ink Tattoo – Colorado Springs, Colorado

The six artists at EZ Ink Tattoo are ready, willing and able to take on just about any request presented to them. In this sense, you might call them a conventional tattoo shop. Three of the artists have been fixtures at the Colorado Springs, Colorado shop since Ian Vargas turned on the open sign in 2011.

Vargas himself has always been into art, and started experimenting with tattooing as a hobby when he was just nineteen. He was working as a welder at the time, but he soon decided to follow his true artistic passion.

“A tattoo is something you can give somebody that will be with them for life. A lot of times, when people get a tattoo there is meaning behind it,” Vargas says.

Vargas is especially skilled at black & grey, a style that fits well with his hispanic heritage. He also loves melding the monochromatic with realism and portraits, and has the steady hand that produces perfect script.

EZ Ink is a homey studio where everyone feels comfortable. With a focus on custom tattooing, you won’t find any flash hanging up, but there’s a lot of the individual artists’  artwork on display in their booths. There’s also some cool graffiti on the walls that was tagged there by one of the cutters in the adjoining barber shop. All in all, it’s a very chill environment.

“We’re friendly and smile, and are open with everybody,” Vargas says.

Being located in a military town means new faces are finding their way to the studio all the time. Many customers are looking to get some fresh new ink, but also there are those who want to get a tattoo removed or even covered up with something they can be proud to show off.

That’s where Tatt2Away and the DEScoverup process come into play.

“If we can take a little of their tattoo off to make it easier for the artist to do a coverup, then there’s a real advantage to doing (the removal) in-house,” Vargas says. “The artist has a better understanding of needle depth and how to control the Tatt2Away machine because it’s very similar to tattooing.”

Unique artwork, skilled professionals, total tattoo related services, and a dedication to customer service. That’s what wins online reviews for EZ Ink Tattoos like, “The people there are amazing. . . the work they do speaks volumes” and simply put, “Best tats in town.”

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EZ Ink Tattoo

3275 E Platte Suite E and F
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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