Hotrod Tattoo – Chandler Arizona

///Hotrod Tattoo – Chandler Arizona

Hotrod Tattoo – Chandler Arizona

Matt Mooneyham, owner of Hotrod Tattoo, always loved art even as a child so getting back into it as an adult and using the skin as a canvas was fascinating to him. He found his love of skin art when he was stationed in 29 Palms, California as a Marine with his frequent visits to a local studio often while he was there. The studio owner took him under his wing and soon became a father figure to him while he was away from home. He was offered an apprenticeship with him with it mostly stenciling at first, but then also learned how to tattoo– and had an endless supply of friends from the Corps to practice on. Twenty-six years later, Matt has owned his own studio for sixteen-years–Hotrod Tattoo now located in Chandler, Arizona.

Hotrod Tattoo Studio has built up the reputation of a high standard shop, having tattooed and pierced more than 7,000 clients in their first year and has maintained one of the cleanest studios in Arizona. Matt explained, many of their artists have been with Hotrod since the very beginning like Eric, Jesse, Mike and others. “Without our artists Hotrod would not be the great studio it is today,” Matt said. The staff consists of 7 Tattoo Artists, 3 body piercers and 8 Customer Service Team members. Together their vision is to provide the best experience imaginable, and for most of their clients it goes beyond that.

“Many artists are cooped up in their studio and don’t get as much face-to-face interaction with people. As tattoo artists, people are our canvases so we get to interact with people daily.” Matt and his team feel they get the best of both worlds, the art and the personal connections with people. The studio is excited that Tatt2away will help them be able to do art they weren’t able to before.

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Why Tatt2Away

We all know sometimes people get bad tattoos and a few months or even years later they regret it. That’s why cover ups are so common in today’s tattooing climate. Hotrod loves the challenge of taking something mediocre and making it great.

One of the worst things he’s had to do was to refer someone out for tattoo removal by lasers. “I just felt that there had to be a better way to remove the tattoo.” Matt continued, and now he’s found it and is bringing the Tatt2Away system to Arizona. It’s fulfilling that he doesn’t have to send someone elsewhere to get a laser removal- now he can do removals all in-house. With the non-laser process, of pulling out the ink from the skin where the unwanted tattoo is, he and his Hotrod Tattoo team love the hands on approach and the new skill he will be able to develop and implement in his studio.

“I love being on the all natural side. I look forward to all the ways of how it works and being able to do it myself for our customers is ideal.” Matt concluded, “I see people everyday who need a removal or cover up. For me the possibilities are endless. And now the options are also unlimited for my Arizona customers.”

Hotrod Tattoo is now scheduling Free Consultations in their studio. Start today and get the art from Matt and his team the way you want it!

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Hotrod Tattoo

801 N Arizona Avenue
Chandler, AZ 85225

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