In Your Face Tattooz – Gavin Bowe

///In Your Face Tattooz – Gavin Bowe

In Your Face Tattooz – Gavin Bowe

Experience Has It Covered

22years ago an aspiring artist walked into his local studio and never looked back. This artist, Gavin Bowe of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin’s In Your Face Tattooz, was on his way after a shortened apprenticeship. Soon after, he was running the show at his first studio. When 2000 rolled around around the cosmetic tattoo option came about, Gavin added it to what he offered when he started In Your Face Tattooz. However, the demand for the more creative side of the ink and needle came calling and he has never looked back by doing all types of tattoos for his customers.

I enjoy each customer,” Gavin said, “ and the stories of why they choose the tattoos they do, it’s the best part of doing what I do.” The Fond Du Lac tattoo community has become family, “And I love seeing the progression of their tattoos,” he added.

The Honor of Ink and Pigment

It’s not just the honor of inking someone’s skin, but it’s also getting them the tattoo they want.
“Cover ups are about 50% of my business, “stated Gavin, “And I have been using lasers (referrals to doctors who do laser treatments) in the past and have never been completely satisfied with it.” He continued to seek out the best solution and he then found Tatt2Away.

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With Tatt2Away you can pinpoint what is removed,” quipped Gavin, “Fixing mistakes from others you don’t have to worry about where the laser stops, you can see and control the Tatt2Away non-laser treatments’ precision.” If the goal was a complete removal instead of a partial, lasers cannot do that either. “There is no worry because Tatt2Away’s process allows you to see real progress 1 to 2 treatments in.”

Gavin continued, “Tatt2Away is steps ahead and above the rest that is available out there for removal. We don’t have to do what is not wanted – we don’t have to settle – because we have more options now, with better results.” With Tatt2Away that is exactly what you get. Tattoos affect people’s lives and whether it’s a cover up or a removal choice, people are deeply affected. “Even more so when they get a bad tattoo. Now we can take care of it start to finish.”

In Your Face Tattooz looks forward to giving those who want what they want, when they want it!

Get Connected with In Your Face Tattooz in Fond Du Lac and schedule your consultation today!


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