Marc’s Tattooing – Steve Gulbin & Jon Owens

///Marc’s Tattooing – Steve Gulbin & Jon Owens

Marc’s Tattooing – Steve Gulbin & Jon Owens

Stalwart in Pennsylvania’s Tattooing Community

People from all walks of life are drawn to the art of tattooing and Steve Gulbin from Marc’s Tattooing in Wilkes-Barre is no exception. Having previously been a part of the hardcore/punk music scene in a band, he became familiar with tattooing and piercing through his group of friends and started to draw his experience through an initial piercing apprenticeship with founder Marc Fairchild’s expert piercer Neil Husvar. This led him to being, along with Jon Owens in the last decade, part owners with Marc’s Tattooing company as they expanded in Eastern Pennsylvania’s bread basket.

It’s all about who walks in your doors, that makes your business and with tattooing that is even more so. “Interesting people and the variety of the different walks of life are what makes this industry fun to be a part of,” stated Steve, “and the reasons each one have in the getting the tattoo in the first place.” As we all know, the tattoo is a very personal experience with each needle jab with ink and pigment. It happens that mistakes from others in the past come in their doors and like most of us, Steve and Marc’s Tattooing get a great deal of satisfaction in helping those who have had those permanent mistakes to be something the individuals can be proud of.


Lending a Bigger Hand to Customers

Original art work is what we want from those artists that have their own flair. When we experience a tattoo that was done in a rush, or done in the past following the fad of the day – however it happens – there are plenty of unwanted tattoos out there with their “owners” looking for a solution. Marc’s Tattooing, centrally located from their multiple Pennsylvania locations in Wilkes-Barre, has the answer! The ability with Tatt2Away’s Non-Laser Removal System, through the DEScoverup process can pinpoint any type of modification that tattoo owners may want for the newly desired art. This incredible resource with cover ups just opens up the options for the artists at each Marc’s Tattooing location that much more.

“We’ve been interested in removal for a long time, and looked into all the options we could find, including laser,” Steve said, “Up until now, none of the rest were viable or natural to do for a studio. When we became aware of Tatt2Away we knew it was the better option from the rest.” And it is all about the options a studio can give that turns their customers into repeat clients and as a Tatt2Away Studio Center, Marc’s Tattooing can now, nearly without limitation, give their people greater options of removal or modification of an existing tattoo to aid in the new cover up art. Precise removal of a portion of a tattoo, or the full removal to make way for the new skin art to be created.

This is all possible when you have a Tatt2Away Studio Center in your community, and Marc’s Tattooing looks to become even more known as the problem solvers for tattoos. “We have the answers to a whole new set of tattoo questions – and we like that!” As one of the pioneers of the Disruptive, Escharotic, Selective removals, Steve and the rest of the crew at Marc’s Tattooing have what you need for all your tattooing, and piercing desires.

Take the moment right now, and schedule your consultation with Jon or Steve at Marc’s Tattooing about how you can take care of those unwanted tattoos. Do It Today and Get Started.

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