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The Next Generation

As a creative mind prefers to be in business for himself, to be so in the industry of tattoos can seem daunting. Not so for Scott Mundy and Markie Humes recent co-founders of Mundy Tattoo Removal. Scott being a master artist, located at Tattoo X in Colorado Springs, Colorado, along with his wife Markie had been looking to bring on a more well-rounded service to offer their clients. And they found the right set of systems in Tatt2Away.

We had been looking for a while,” said Markie, “ for a better alternative to the very painful, often ineffective and terribly expensive laser treatments.” In addition to providing the best in original art, Scott saw that those coming in for cover ups were limited because of their previous choice of ink and pigment. “The more options to help out our clients pushed us past anything to do with lasers,” Scott stated. Again they found in Tatt2Away the solution they were looking for.

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Expressing Oneself Creatively

Having been a ‘Collector’ of tattoos for years, Markie met a like-minded soul behind the tattoo needle and together with Scott (yes, that’s how they met) have sought to express their individuality. Experienced in all genres, both of them see Tatt2Away as the option which is best for their clients. Less painful, fewer treatments to completion, and less costly hit all the pleasure point their clients could want. “We can offer just about any art, without any restrictions of previous artwork,” Markie said.

As Colorado’s first Tatt2Away Studio Center, Mundy Tattoo Removal can be the solution desired for tattoos in the state. For new art, ink and pigment corrections and for Reduce to CoverTM DEScoverupTM cover ups. “We got everything here,” Markie quipped, “It’s nice to know Colorado now has a one stop shop!”

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