Mystic Piercing and Tattoo – Tito Harris

///Mystic Piercing and Tattoo – Tito Harris

Mystic Piercing and Tattoo – Tito Harris

Following In Footsteps

There are times when you gain what you love to do from generations that have come before and that is exactly how it happened for Tito Harris of Mystic Piercing and Tattoo of Crofton in Maryland. His father started out in 1990 and instilled in Tito the craft of proper and safe piercing from his trailblazing dad. And as many do, Tito followed in his footsteps in 2008 came on board the family business full time. In Crofton, Mystic Piercing is a large part of the community and has been a great asset to all piercing and tattoo enthusiasts in the area.

“It’s about the people,” said Tito, “that’s the reason I came in to Mystic with my dad.” Gathering around those who love what you like is the best way to do business! “Talking with customers, getting them the customized tattoo or the piercing the want,” Tito continued, “is the best feeling, what the artist does will stay with our customers forever.” Getting out to the community that he loves also drives the fire he has for the industry. Mystic Piercing has been involved in public events and concerts. Tito added, “I have loved watching tattoos and piercings go from something that people dread, to a point where it has become an activity for family bonding and self expression on our customers’ skin.”

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Bringing Out the Best

As many studios try to do, Mystic Piercing and Tattoo do on a regular basis, by getting to their customers the artist and the body art that they can be proud of. However, sometimes they come across tattoos from others that aren’t so great. “We do a lot of cover ups for people,” Tito said, “And we have been limited in what we can do with these past mistakes of others. We have been looking for a way to effectively take off a tattoo.” Laser wasn’t a solution because of their inability to get rid of all the colors that happen in a tattoo, and Mystic definitely wanted to bring it in-house to ensure their customers were getting the results they wanted.

“We found Tatt2Away, and saw how it can lift out any color, and help us in our cover up options, that’s why we became a Studio Center!” quipped Tito. That is exactly what the non-laser all natural system does. It takes the tattoo ink and pigment out of the skin, and allows the body’s healing process eliminate it. The unwanted tattoos happen all the time. These “bad ideas” happen to be in prominent places that beg for corrections and Tatt2Away capabilities is an excellent alternative to the impossible cover up.

“As a result of bringing this to Mystic and Crofton we hope to help hundreds more with their unwanted tattoos coming through our door looking for that cover up.” ended Tito. This additional option is quickly becoming the new standard of care in the tattoo industry and you have it available right in your own backyard!

Find out how you can get the tattoo you want instead of that old, tired unwanted one!

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