New Bedford Tattoo Company – New Bedford Massachusetts

///New Bedford Tattoo Company – New Bedford Massachusetts

New Bedford Tattoo Company – New Bedford Massachusetts

Arriving in the 21st Century in Massachusetts

Until the turn of the century, it wasn’t legal to perform any type of tattooing in Massachusetts. However, that thankfully all changed for the better in 2000 for those tattoo lovers in the Bay State. For over a decade now, in places like New Bedford those wanting any sort of tattoo can have their choice of body art without having to go underground or out of state. Val Garnett, who was also instrumental in getting the change for tattooing regulations within New Bedford city limits, starting in 2007 to be known for the expert way she was “slinging ink”. She soon partnered up with Venessa Kollars in 2012 and formed New Bedford Tattoo Company.

From that beginning in 2012, co-founders Val and Venessa have been bringing to their customers at New Bedford Tattoo Company the best art possible, providing an avenue for those locally to express who they truly are. “It is so personal,” Venessa began, “to be placing tattoos under someone’s skin, this customization makes each tattoo a unique experience for every individual.” Getting a tattoo at New Bedford Tattoo Company with Val and her crew of artists allows the limits of one’s creativity to be the only barrier to getting what you want in a tattoo. “Even when it’s a tattoo memorializing a loved one,” continued Venessa, “ to assist in the healing process with such a privilege to be a part of.”

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The “Pain” of Cover-Ups

Whether it’s covering up with great art past mistakes from addiction, or of letting cousin Frank start practicing with his DIY tattooing machine in the garage, New Bedford Tattoo Company has seen its share of cover-ups. “Cover-ups are not fun to always try to do,”Venessa said, “because of what’s been in the place before you always have to ‘settle’ for something that works with the unwanted tattoo, not what the customer truly wants to have.” Manipulating the patterns of a previous tattoo can always be tricky, and the solution for laser treatments also left both co-founders wanting. “We saw the mixed results from older types of getting a tattoo removed,” quipped Venessa, “and we were never satisfied. That’s why we went looking for something better.”

Then, they found Tatt2Away! After researching all the methods one could feasibly use to remove or disrupt a previous tattoo’s pattern, including lasers, Val and Venessa decided to become a Tatt2Away Studio Center. Venessa added, “We didn’t want to bring this to our valued customers in New Bedford unless we knew what results we could expect.” she continued, “I tried it personally, and scheduled a Tatt2Away Session for myself – it works wonderfully and now I can personally show those who come in for a tattoo to be removed, what they too can expect.” Tatt2Away is colorblind, drawing out any color of tattoo and whether it’s a full tattoo removal or a partial removal preparing to get better art, New Bedford Tattoo Company can now do both for you!

Find Out More how you can get rid of your tattoo with fewer sessions, less pain, for less money as you would spend to do it the old way.

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