Private Ink & Design – Texarkana Texas

///Private Ink & Design – Texarkana Texas

Private Ink & Design – Texarkana Texas

When Passion Turns Into a Career

Each tattoo artist and studio owner has his own unique path that brought them to the tattoo industry. No story is quite as captivating as that of Private Ink & Design’s Glenn House. Glenn has always had a passion for all forms of art. Ten years ago, he took the plunge and combined that passion with tattooing. Glenn taught himself tattooing techniques and the intricacies of putting ink into skin, then followed with a short apprenticeship, with the hopes of one day owning a modern tattoo shop.

Five years ago, Glenn’s dream became a reality. Glenn, a paramedic and firefighter for twenty-five years, and his wife Jana, a trauma-certified emergency room nurse for eight years, opened Private Ink &; Design in Texarkana, Texas, based on the belief that clients deserve a private, personal experience with an artist who is solely focused on meeting their needs. They have gone to great lengths to ensure that every client feels welcome and at home in their shop, just as if they are family.
Shortly after opening, Ky Pierce, an artist with fifteen years of experience, joined the Private Ink team. Together, Glenn and Ky offer Private Ink clients a wide variety of high-quality tattoo styles. There is nothing this duo cannot accomplish to ensure you get the tattoo experience of a lifetime.

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The Need for Tattoo Removal is Real

“Since the shop has been opened,” states Glenn, “we have searched for solutions to the ‘lightening up’ of a tattoo in preparation for coverups.” The tattoo industry is familiar with lasers and how ineffective they are for most colors now being used. “We feel we have the edge over the competition. As a shop that is by appointment only, we can really get the right tattoo for those who want it. And now, we will be able to offer Texarkana and the surrounding areas the best alternative to laser removal,” Glenn said.

The business side of the shop, Jana House, added “We considered lasers, but it was never the solution for us. With more clients wanting complex cover ups of unwanted tattoos, we kept looking for other options.” Then they found Tatt2Away®, a non-laser system that actually removes the ink out of the skin with an all-natural process. No matter the color, the patent-protected process takes out the targeted ink or pigment. “Tatt2Away and Private Ink &; Design seem to fit like a glove,” stated Jana.

She continued, “We can now offer the best way for our clients to take care of their old, faded, or regretted tattoos.” As a Tatt2Away Studio Center, that’s exactly what you get with Glenn, Ky, and Jana. Glenn concluded, “I see this being the difference in our shop compared to others in Texarkana area. No one else can touch how effective the process is. There’s just no comparison.”

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