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///Private Ink & Design – Texarkana, TX

Private Ink & Design – Texarkana, TX

As one of the first shops who recognized the capabilities and benefits of Tatt2Away®, Glenn and Jana House, owners of Private Ink & Design in Texarkana, TX, jumped on board early. One year later, they’ve done a number of treatments, all successful, and believe in it more than ever. Yet, like a few other early Tatt2Away centers, they’ve experienced the struggle of taking a new service into a new market. How do you promote the benefits of an unknown non-laser removal process when all anyone knows is laser?

One recent client was a woman with a tattooed wedding ring from a previous marriage. “She was really scared and nervous about it and unsure if it was actually going to work, but we reassured her,” said Glenn. “Now it’s healed up, and the scabs are gone, and she’s very happy with it. That memory is not there any longer, and she’s a believer in the process.”

Glenn said her story is similar to the majority of their clients. A woman who had a small tattoo done years ago, but didn’t want anyone to know, wanted it removed. “We removed it and it’s probably the smoothest skin after the healing process. It took really well on her, and she’s really happy with it,” said Glenn. A man who’s getting his ex-wife’s name removed. A couple from Arkansas; the woman is a lawyer running for political office and her husband has a third treatment scheduled to remove his visible tattoos. Three military recruits. An artist from another shop. “I just spoke to him yesterday, and he’s very happy with it,” said Glenn. “We’re really pleased with the product.”

Jana agreed. “It’s a great product. It really works.” Both of them have been actively marketing to area businesses. The three recruits came in because Glenn spoke to military recruiters in town.

Jana said she and Glenn are both in the medical field, Glenn as a paramedic and firefighter, and she as a nurse in a hospital. “We come in contact with many people every day who have tattoos,” she said. “I’ve given away so many of my cards and talked to people about the process behind closed doors at my job. Glenn’s done the same,” she said.

Their process, which they plan to change in order to treat more people, has been to ask for pictures of the tattoo and provide pricing fairly early on. “Some have already had laser treatments before, so they know the laser price is about fifty dollars per treatment,” said Glenn. “I’ll ask them to send me a photo of the tattoo they want removed, and I can kind of judge about how many sessions it might be or the process.” Then he sends the person to the Tatt2Away website to gather information. “We’ll try to get them to come in, because if we can get them in the door for a consult, they’ll usually commit. The ones we talk to over the phone, they’re kind of iffy,” he said. “There’s a lot of ‘be backs,’ as in ‘I’ll be back up there’ or ‘I’ll call you back,’ but they never show.”

The new strategy is to bring the potential clients in to show their tattoo; discuss removal, treatment, and pricing, and to provide education for education prior to sending them to the website. This provides the clients with more knowledge up front, especially those who are price matching to laser without full understanding of the vast and multiple differences between the two. This doesn’t guarantee everyone will understand that a lower-cost option doesn’t cost less when there are more treatments, however, unless they already have experienced the inadequacy and other downsides of laser.

“One lady who came to see me had a cross behind her ear,” said Glenn. “She’d already had nine laser treatments and pieces of it still remained.” He did the rest in one session. “I’m pretty confident that when the scabs fall off it will be all gone, and I’ll be able to post that photo saying here’s what it looks like after nine laser treatments and this is what the remaining part of it looks like after one Tatt2Away treatment.”

Tatt2Away is a specific patented method for non-laser, all-natural tattoo removal. The patent and registered trademark cover unique elements – including the template – that contribute to its success.   If you visit a location claiming to be a certified Tatt2Away center and they fail to use the template in your procedure, leave (and please let us know).

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