Red Ocean Tattoo – Savannah Georgia

///Red Ocean Tattoo – Savannah Georgia

Red Ocean Tattoo – Savannah Georgia

The Long and Worthy Road to Tattooing

For Savannah Georgia’s Red Ocean Tattoo founder, Ben Kelly, the road to opening his own shop seemed like a long one. When he was younger, he fell in love with all that tattooing is made up of, but it never seemed like the right time to jump in until he had joined the military and was stationed over in South Korea. There he started his apprenticeship and though not being able to speak much of the Korean language was able start that apprenticeship there as well as continue it when he was shipped back to the states several months later.

From 2010 Ben worked in this industry that he loves and that is in his blood, learning about the ins and outs of the art and the business and with five years of being in the business and doing the art in tattooing, he set out his own “shingle” and started Red Ocean Tattoo in downtown Savannah. “What makes tattooing so much fun is the different types of art people ask you to do,” Ben began, “I felt that I had to become the best at whatever style or design I was asked to create – that’s one thing for sure you can’t be bored in this line of work.” With the expertise of each of the leading types of tattoos he can get down to the “why” someone get’s the tattoo from Red Ocean, “Each why is unique,” continued Ben, “and when you can match the why with quality body art, that makes the customer’s experience that much more memorable.”

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Quality is What Red Ocean Tattoo is about

All the way since the time in Korea, all the way to now, Ben has built upon the highest quality of art that can be done with skin and ink. “The culture and the terrain of the tattoo crowd is growing up,” related Ben, “ with the demand for cover ups going up and having those old tattoos getting in the way of something they really want, those getting the tattoos are looking for something else than lasers to help them out.” And so was Ben!

As everyone in tattooing knows the horror stories of laser treatment removal, Ben went searching for a better alternative that worked and could be relied upon. Then he was made aware of Tatt2Away. “I saw that Jon Dredd, from Crucial Tattoo was using the Tatt2Away system for tattoo removals,” Ben recounted, “He being one of the industry giants in my opinion, how could you not look into what Tatt2Away is all about?” He found that Tatt2Away doesn’t care what color of ink needs to be removed, unlike lasers, any color can be drawn out of the skin through this patent protected process. He also liked that it wouldn’t take as long to see results as with the old way of removals. Most importantly, it could get the results his customers could count on.

“Being a Tatt2Away Studio Center,” Ben concluded, “definitely rounds out the full spectrum of what Red Ocean Tattoo can offer. For those who walk in our doors, we are now a one stop shop!” More and more people are finding out that Studio Centers, like Savannah’s Red Ocean Tattoo, can get them all they need when it comes to tattoos.

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Red Ocean Tattoo

111 East President Street
Savannah GA, 31410

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