Route 11 Tattoo Company – Hagerstown, Maryland

///Route 11 Tattoo Company – Hagerstown, Maryland

Route 11 Tattoo Company – Hagerstown, Maryland

“I’m a nerd, and I read a lot about stuff before I encounter it,” says Misty Whetzel, owner with husband Adam Christopher, of Route 11 Tattoo Company in Hagerstown, Maryland. The studio has been open since September 2016, and one of the first things that they did was to add tattoo removal to their services.

“Having a tattoo studio was something we’ve always talked about doing, and everything fell into place. I kept seeing ads for Tatt2Away, and we thought that it would be a really cool thing to do – Adam can put the tattoos on and I can take them off,” Misty says with a laugh.

Tatt2Away is a revolutionary non-laser tattoo removal treatment that actually does what it says – removes ALL tattoo ink, regardless of color. Unlike laser, which actually breaks up tattoo pigment that is then absorbed by the body, Tatt2Away utilized Teprsol®, a solution made of naturally occurring, vegan-compliant ingredients, which disinfects the treated area and aids in liberating the ink pigments. This allows your body’s natural healing processes to expel the ink.

“Tatt2Away was better than laser removal in a number of ways – less expensive and less discomfort for the clients –it’s better in every way that you turn,” Misty says.

“It’s really cool how you can basically get your skin back after the process has fully healed,” she adds. “Each case is different, but as long as you follow the protocol one-hundred percent, then everything should turn out right, and you’ll have a satisfactory outcome.”

Wanting to make sure the Tatt2Away process worked as promoted, Misty used the technique on one of Adam’s tattoos.

“It was really cool to watch the process unfold right in front of us,” Misty says

Route 11 Tattoo Company draws clients from all walks of life, including members of the local police and fire departments to  servicemen from nearby Fort Detrick Army Base. Hagerstown may be a town of just over forty-thousand, but Misty says nearly everyone there has at least one tattoo.

Tatt2Away’s patented DEScoverup process makes it simple to remove an entire tattoo or just specific areas. As Adam points out, the advantage is that, “It’s great for altering or enhancing existing tattoos and is especially good for when you want to remove your ex’s name, but don’t want a new tattoo.”

Route 11 Tattoo Company has been advertising their status as a certified Tatt2Away center on their Facebook page, and Misty says there’s been a lot of interest in this new standard of care.

“People have been surprised and amazed,” Misty says. “They may be apprehensive at first because it’s relatively new, and when they Google it and see these strange little circles on the skin, they’re initially a little weirded out. We explain each stage of the process to them, and why each stage occurs, and then they get it.”

Route 11 Tattoo Company is now scheduling Free Consultations in their studio. Start today and get art from the team the way you want it!

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Route 11 Tattoo Company

17715 Virginia Ave
Hagerstown, MD 21740

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