Spider Bite Tattoo and Body Piercing – Manchester New Hampshire

///Spider Bite Tattoo and Body Piercing – Manchester New Hampshire

Spider Bite Tattoo and Body Piercing – Manchester New Hampshire

Trailblazing in New England!

As the tattooing industry has evolved in the last 30 years from being considered on the fringe of society to being brought into the main stream of consciousness and acceptability, so has Jon Thomas and Dave McCormick of Manchester, New Hampshire done with their Spider Bite Tattoo Studio.

Dave has always been the artist, even from his earliest recollections and at 21 decided that tattooing was going to be his life’s passion. He took a wonderful gift from his then-girlfriend’s (now wife’s) tax return to buy his first tattoo machine kit and over the last 20 or so years has become a master artist with that leap of faith so long ago. Jon came to Spider Bite Tattoo via the tanning industry, yes the tanning industry!

At the time, the city of Manchester had outlawed tattooing within it’s city boundaries, so Jon opened a tanning shop that also offered professional piercing. With his and many others’ hard work Manchester finally embraced tattooing and Jon phased out the tanning in favor of tattooing. Spider Bite Tattoo at it’s current location was established three years ago.

Because the ability to legally tattoo in Manchester was so hard fought, “said Jon, “we don’t take doing this for granted.” “And it shows,” Dave added, “in how we operate each day bringing the best art to those who walk in our doors.” The pleasure of meeting the people, knowing their Tattoo Stories as well as becoming a part of their life is what Dave and Jon like about what they have in Manchester. And so do their customers who have brought Spider Bite Tattoo the success they are currently experiencing. “We are a close community here and often have done 3 or 4 tattoos on those great customers of ours,” said Dave.

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Wearing the Tattoo With Pride

Spider Bite has always sought the highest in the art of the tattoo, from the materials used, to the condition of the studio and on to the aftercare of the artwork they place in the skin. Nonetheless, the need for removal or cover ups from others’ tattooing mistakes seems to be growing. “We saw the need for removals,” stated Dave, “whether it was for a cover up or otherwise – there is no good way to remove the pigment.” Then Jon added, “That was before we found Tatt2Away.”

Tatt2Away® is the non-laser, all natural system and process of eliminating any color of ink or pigment from the skin. In contrast to laser which is incredibly painful, ineffective with all colors, and with the dozens of treatments, costs a good amount of money. Jon continued, “We see how using Tatt2Away, can get rid of someone’s past mistakes, the unwanted ink they can no longer stand.” In as little as 4 sessions, with the amount of pain that is involved getting a tattoo, and with the fewer sessions more cost effective as well, Tatt2Away is becoming the new standard for Tattoo Removal.

Spider Bite Tattoo is all about setting their services and art above the customary, and average. With offering Tatt2Away, no other studio in town can touch the unlimited options their customers have now available for tattoos and cover ups! “We look forward to getting more and more customers who previously weren’t ours with offering cover ups and Tatt2Away together,” Jon concluded.

Jon and Dave are now scheduling consultations for tattoo removal sessions – Get Yours Today!

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