True Fit Tattoo Studio – San Diego, California

///True Fit Tattoo Studio – San Diego, California

True Fit Tattoo Studio – San Diego, California

Tomas Archuleta became a Tatt2Away® center because Tatt2Away continued to show up. Every time it showed up, he ignored it, and then it would show up again. “When I hear something over and over pretty rapidly and see a couple signs, I look into it whether it interests me or not, just to see where it goes,” said Archuleta. ”If you take a risk, you take a risk.”

Archuleta owns True Fit Tattoo in San Diego, CA. “The very first time I heard about it, I got a cold email, and it didn’t really resonate with me. It was just another email, but then I got another one, and another one,” said Archuleta. “I’d pushed it aside, but then I decided to check it out. I saw a video of it, and it caught my interest. Then I realized it was what all those emails were about.”

Throughout his career, including the success of his shop, Archuleta has followed the flow, paid attention to perspective, and been willing to take a risk. Drawing led to graffiti led to the more acceptable drafting and engineering in college, and then to corporate life. “That wasn’t really for me,” said Archuleta, who found himself out of work for a while. “I’d started tattooing people from the office, and in the meantime, I was doing custom paint jobs on cars and motorcycles. Eventually it was either go back to drafting and engineering or take a chance and try my hand at tattooing.”

He made a phone call, which got him a job in Denver. He traded up to another shop on invitation. He moved to Seattle and landed with Aaron Bell for a while. Relocating to San Diego gave him the opportunity to work under Bill Canales. What he wanted he drew to him. He’d take the risk and jump in, always evolving, always successful at what he put his hand to, even when it looked otherwise. Said Archuleta, “It’s perspective. I try to look at all those little things that happen like, ‘This sucks that it happened today, but for some reason in the future it’s going to turn into a positive,’ and I try to keep that in mind when bad stuff happens.”

Eventually he felt the need to open his own shop, and after the small detour co-owning a shop with a friend for a few years, he opened True Fit Tattoo. “We’ve been open three-and-a-half years, and it keeps growing and growing and growing, so it seems all the moves I made were hopefully the right ones,” said Archuleta.

When he turned his attention to Tatt2Away, he called other Tatt2Away centers. “They were saying it was great. And I asked them the golden question about if they would do it all over again. Every single one of them said absolutely,” said Archuleta. “That was the first real awareness that I needed to go ahead and do it, and then along the way I would try to see the benefits of what it could be and what I could use it for.”

After he spoke with Tatt2Away and learned more about what it could do for his shop, he suddenly began getting more coverup requests than usual. “That week I must have talked to ten people it could have applied to, where I’d be able to do my art without having to fight stuff that people have already,” said Archuleta. “I started seeing where I could actually use an eraser, so to speak, and make my work stand out even more.”

As a result, Archuleta sees the number one benefit of Tatt2Away as being able to remove something from an existing piece. “But I am also a businessman so if someone comes in and they just want something removed, we can do that, too.” He realizes even that can lead to a new tattoo client. “If they’re looking at the art work and the shop and say they were thinking about getting a specific piece, I’ll say, “Let’s get you on the books.’ Everything is an opportunity for the next, so those are two huge benefits I’m seeing,” he said.

He’s never been lasered, and he’s never wanted to. “A couple friends had some little tattoos removed two or three years ago and those places are just now starting to become something you could tattoo over. They’ve spent like $5,000,” said Archuleta, who once considered having what he calls the mishmash on his arms lasered. “It would have taken forever and put a huge dent in my pocketbook, “ he said. “When I realized the ink gets pushed back into your skin, I didn’t want to do that. I just wanted to extract it somehow, which is obviously Tatt2Away.”

He’s glad his philosophy brought him to Tatt2Away. “I would say I’m more excited to use this now, because every little thing I’ve done in this tattoo career has been a jump to the next spot. I’m glad to have an eraser so I can erase their dumb mistakes and put my full potential to the piece that I’m doing on them.”

Tatt2Away is a specific patented method for non-laser, all-natural tattoo removal. The patent and registered trademark cover unique elements – including the template – that contribute to its success.   If you visit a location claiming to be a certified Tatt2Away center and they fail to use the template in your procedure, leave (and please let us know).

True Fit Tattoo of San Diego, California is now scheduling Tatt2Away consultations in their studio. New art, coverups, and non-laser tattoo removal all under one roof!

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