True2U Ink – Grand Forks, North Dakota

///True2U Ink – Grand Forks, North Dakota

True2U Ink – Grand Forks, North Dakota

True2u Ink offers great designs, custom tattoos, and quality services to clients in Grand Forks, North Dakota. As the name indicates – their mission is to be True to You.

“Customer service is huge to us,” says owner and artist Justin Luckow. “We try to respond to people in a quick fashion, and we’re kind to everybody when they walk through our door. We strive to be true to the client.”

“When I first got into tattooing, it was pretty rough. . . it was bikers and bad asses. I wanted to create a different atmosphere – one in which even my grandmother would be comfortable in,” Justin adds.

Together, Justin and tattoo artist Samuel Cory have more than two decades of experience. Both are well-rounded tattoo artists, and don’t feel that they really have a specific niche that they fill; rather they’re ready, willing and able to tackle any request that comes their way.

One thing you won’t find at True2u Ink is common everyday flash – the focus is on custom tattoos.

“I’d rather tattoo than do anything else. . . when I draw a picture, I don’t want to finish it with colored pencils; it’s more fun to tattoo. There are a lot of options for making the artwork come alive. . .there are endless possibilities for what you can do,” Justin says.

“I’ve always been an artist, and for me, doing art on skin is the ultimate form just because it can’t be lost or stolen, and it’s something you’ll have for the rest of your life,” Justin adds.

From sick color to smooth black & gray, they can make your vision a reality. If piercing is more your thing, they can hook you up with custom bent jewelry, dermal anchors or anything you can dream up. If you have a tattoo that you want removed or covered up, they can do that too. As certified Tatt2Away technicians, Justin and sister Nicholle Fredrick are specially trained in the newest method for non-laser tattoo removal.

“Offering tattoo removal not only widens our spectrum to give clients more of what they want, but our area needed an alternative removal method because up until now, laser was the only option,” Justin says. “As I started looking into laser removal, it seemed to be unsafe in how it uses your body’s internal processes to filter the ink. . . it can’t be good for a person in the long run.”

Tatt2Away, on the other hand, is a completely natural process that utilizes a naturally occurring solution to break down ink pigments and lift them out of the body.

Justin wasn’t satisfied with just hearing about this new removal method. He wanted to experience it first-hand so that he could more effectively educate customers. That’s why he got the procedure done on one of his own tattoos.

“If it’s going to be in my shop, I wanted to be able to explain to people what it feels like and what it’s going to do,” Justin says. “For my own procedure, I didn’t use any numbing cream, and honestly, the discomfort isn’t as bad as when you get tattooed. Tatt2Away offers an awesome alternative that minimizes pain due to the small treatment spots keeping skin bridges between the spots intact; it is not very abrasive.”

Another major benefit of Tatt2Away as compared to laser is that the number of treatments required is typically fewer. That means investing less time and money for proven results.

“Because we can offer a more affordable alternative, and also give clients a better outcome, they’re going to really happy,” Justin says.

“With laser, you might get one session done and barely be able to tell anything is different at all,” Justin adds. “With Tatt2away, you can see a real difference even after just one session.”

Tatt2Away uses a special DEScoverup template to remove selected sections of a tattoo – a great help to the tattoo artist in cover-up situations. This innovative technique replaces the industry norms of adding larger patterns and more ink to hide what was previously there.

“We do a lot of cover-ups, and we’re very successful at them, but there were times in the past when you just could not do anything to cover up the tattoo that the person already had or were very limited in the designs you could use,” Justin says. “Tatt2Away makes doing cover-ups so much easier because even with one or two sessions you’ll be able to lighten the tattoo enough that you can do so much more with it.”

“Not only that, but instead of jumping around to different places, and having the confusion of what everyone is needing to do, everything is right here in one location,” Justin adds. “As a Tatt2Away Center, we’ll be able to offer the ultimate cover-up solution from start to finish.”

“It’s an honor to be able to give people a real piece of artwork in a unique, quality tattoo, and to know they’re going to look at it and proudly wear it for the rest of their life.”

True2U Ink is now scheduling consultations in their studio. Start today and get art from the team the way you want it!

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