Zulu Tattoo – Austin, Texas

///Zulu Tattoo – Austin, Texas

Zulu Tattoo – Austin, Texas

The Art Comes Beckoning

Zulu Tattoo in Austin, Texas came into being after the combining of two great minds. Khani’s journey began when she walked in and received from Zulu the body art she wanted. Soon thereafter, they were also seeing each other outside of the studio and became an integral partner in the studio business.

Zulu himself as always been in the art and design world. His path to tattooing became deeper as he explored the intricacies of it, to bring the tattoo out that’s in you. His two decades plus of working with skin and ink has brought him to a renown status around the world.

Both Khani’s and Zulu’s approach to Zulu Tattoo in Austin, as is the case in their Los Angeles location, is all about the relationship with the client. The tattooing isn’t done with just anyone. The deep philosophical and spiritual perspective that Zulu and his studios bring to the process attracts an audience seeking that more meaningful experience. The Austin studio, in particular walks their clients through the consultative, creative, pre needle and ink methods before anyone sits in that tattoo lounger in the office.

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Making the Art Whole

Cover ups are a necessary part of the tattoo business from tired, old tattoos to mistakes done in the past. In Zulu’s view, it enables the one looking for a cover up a chance to bring out their true self. In the past, unfortunately, the then-available tech of lasers had a very limited ability to disrupt any of the previously inked patterns. These mixed results with lasers didn’t leave Zulu Tattoo or it’s clientele too happy at all.

“We started researching,” Khani Zulu said, “all the other technologies for removal and we found Tatt2Away.” This non laser, all natural system is a perfect fit. “We look to bring to out clients what’s most healthy and natural,” continued Khani, “and Tatt2Away adds to that and the high quality on the levels we are used to offering.” When asked about the options, Khani mentioned, “The options now with Tatt2Away are unlimited, and our clients’ choices innumerable. Both the artist and the client can now figure out the puzzle without any obstacles in the way.”

That is what Tatt2Away does! It helps when it comes to available options with tattoos. “We are looking forward to this added service, to assist more clients in gaining that relationship with us,” concluded Khani, “and getting them their desired tattoos.”

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