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What do you do when your tattoo coverup is as bad as the original tattoo? Or the anniversary date you wanted to commemorate isn’t your anniversary date? What if you can’t go bigger and darker for that tattoo coverup?

Having a tattoo isn’t the problem, it’s having the wrong tattoo. Tatt2Away’s DEScoverup® Process – Disruptive, Escharotic, Selective Coverup –is the next evolution in tattoo coverups, and gives you the flexibility to fix, correct, or update what’s already there, even if you already have a tattoo coverup. It opens up your world to new possibilities with the tattoo you’ve fallen out of love with. No longer does the old ink dictate the new art. With DEScoverup you can:

  • Fix the muddy mess of multiple tattoo coverups over the same spot
  • Change the wrong date into the right date
  • Modify your ex’s name into your current flame’s name
  • Transform symbols of who you were into indications of you who are
  • Upgrade a poorly executed image into a better version
  • Blend an old piece into your more recent, themed sleeve
  • Eliminate the tattoo you don’t want that’s been covered up, but you know is still there

Couldn’t We Just Erase It All Away?

DEScoverup is the process of selectively removing sections of the existing tattoo, entirely or in parts, so that it doesn’t restrict your new tattoo coverup. Without this advanced technique, fixing body art that is no longer to your liking means getting a traditional tattoo coverup. A successful traditional tattoo coverup that fully incorporates the previous ink into the new design requires going bigger, darker, and tricking the eye through color and weighted line work. This greatly limits the tattoo coverup options. DEScoverup removes those limits.

What you want determines the plan of action. In the video, the client wants to replace the small Buddha with a large, high-definition, Buddha head. Allen, the tattooist, explains to him what will need to be entirely removed, what will need to be partially removed, and why. He estimates Brian will need three Tatt2Away treatments and be able to begin his new Buddha head in 8 – 12 months.

For a tattoo coverup, some shops suggest lightening the old art with laser, but getting a DEScoverup is safer, faster, and more precise. Laser treats the entire tattoo multiple times. DEScoverup can target the ink to be removed, and eliminate it in one treatment. Where laser can only fade the ink, even after multiple treatments, Tatt2Away completely removes all ink after one treatment to the inked area. Additionally, laser pushes the ink deeper into the body, often ending up in tissues like the liver and lymph nodes. DEScoverup lifts the ink completely out of the body, forming an eschar containing the ink, which then falls off.

To accomplish this, the process uses a template with circles, precisely measured in diameter and distance for maximal healing. The DEScoverup process is done with equipment very like tattooing, but instead of placing ink into the skin, an all-natural solution is used to scruff away the dermis, exposing and attracting the ink to begin the healing process that completely removes the ink from the body.

Once the eschar falls off, baby pink, brand new skin is exposed. With careful attention and protection the healing process results in skin that looks as it did before it was tattooed. Depending on the treatment plan, another treatment or tattooing can happen next.

The overall DEScoverup process is less painful than laser, less expensive than laser, takes less time than laser, and enables you to not only remove exactly what you didn’t want, but to not compromise in getting exactly what you do. When you want what you want for your tattoo coverup, why settle for less simply because something else already is in that space?


Results may vary, but with proper aftercare, most tattoos are fully removed. Find the Tatt2Away center nearest you and learn how easy it is to remove that tattoo you dislike by getting a DEScoverup.

  • Change the tattoo you no longer identify with
  • Update the tattoo you’ve outgrown
  • Remove the tattoo you wish you’d never gotten

Begin your DEScoverup process today and experience full removal with less pain, less cost, and fewer treatments.

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