Tatt2Away Tattoo Removal vs Picosecond Laser: Which Method Reigns Supreme?

picosecond laser tattoo removal vs non laser

Are you wondering about the differences between picosecond laser tattoo removal versus Tatt2Away? We’ve got the inside scoop! Deciding to remove your unwanted tattoo is a big decision! Removing your tattoo can involve significant research, time, and money. We would like to give you an easy way to explore two popular tattoo removal methods to help you decide which removal solution is right for you.

1. Understanding Picosecond Laser

Picosecond laser is another form of laser tattoo removal that uses ultra-short pulses of energy measured in picoseconds or trillionths of a second. This ultra-short pulse duration distinguishes picosecond lasers from older laser technologies, which typically operate in the nanosecond range.

Similar to other tattoo removal lasers, picosecond laser targets tattoo ink using specific wavelengths of light, which can only remove certain colors. Therefore, any form of laser tattoo removal, regardless of the pulse rate, is unable to remove every color of ink. While most picosecond laser wavelengths primarily target black inks. Lasers in general are unable to remove red, yellow, and purple inks.

People describe picosecond laser tattoo removal feeling roughly the same as other laser based ink removal methods such as bacon grease popping on your skin, or rubber bands snapping over your tattoo.

While picosecond laser may be a leader in the laser tattoo removal industry, it has limitations with fully removing tattoos.

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2. Understanding Tatt2Away

Tatt2Away presents a distinctive non-laser approach to tattoo removal, employing a proprietary solution that sets it apart in the industry. Instead of relying on lasers, Tatt2Away utilizes a gentle yet effective technique for ink extraction. The process involves a microdermabrasion technique, coupled with the application of a specialized solution, leading to the formation of an eschar that lifts the unwanted pigment up and out of the skin during the natural healing process. Check out before, during, and after pictures of non-laser tattoo removal.

This innovative method offers versatility in treating various tattoo types, including traditionally difficult colors to remove, while prioritizing skin-friendliness and minimizing scarring. Tatt2Away also stands out in the tattoo removal industry due to its ability to allow for cover up tattoos. With Tatt2Away’s precision equipment, partial tattoo removal is available, which allows for Tatt2Away’s Tatt2Revise– an easy way to get a cover up tattoo.

Because of its effectiveness and precision, Tatt2Away stands as a promising solution for those seeking comprehensive and personalized tattoo removal outcomes. Many describe the feeling of Tatt2Away as the same as getting a tattoo. It is said that if you can withstand the feeling of getting a tattoo, it will be easy to endure removing your tattoo with Tatt2Away!

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Comparing Treatment Sessions

In comparing treatment sessions between Tatt2Away and picosecond laser tattoo removal, the frequency and approach differ. Tatt2Away’s sessions are tailored to individual needs, influenced by factors like tattoo size, type, and color. While the number of sessions varies, patients often find its non-laser process accommodating, with most clients requiring only 3-5 sessions to complete the removal process. Picosecond laser on the other hand, follows a scheduled regimen with intervals for optimal results. 

The duration and frequency depend on factors such as tattoo complexity and patient response, but many clients need 10-12 sessions to completely remove a tattoo with picosecond laser, regardless of the tattoo’s size. Both methods offer unique approaches to tattoo removal, reflecting the diversity of options available to individuals seeking personalized and effective solutions. Learn about the pain associated with laser tattoo removal.

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Tattoo Removal Results and Effectiveness

Tatt2Away and picosecond laser yield distinct results in the realm of tattoo removal. Tatt2Away showcases success in achieving comprehensive removal, particularly with challenging colors, fostering satisfaction through before-and-after transformations. Success stories and real-world outcomes underscore its efficacy. On the other hand, picosecond laser, leveraging advanced laser technology, can eradicate a select range of tattoo pigments, offering success in achieving clearer skin. Visual evidence reinforces the effectiveness of both methods, showcasing their respective strengths in meeting the individual needs and expectations of those seeking successful tattoo removal outcomes. For more, make sure to check out our FAQs page.

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Post-Treatment Care

With any tattoo removal process, post-treatment care is important in ensuring best results and minimizing discomfort. Tatt2Away requires meticulous care to promote healing, involving cleanliness, avoiding sun exposure, and following practitioner-recommended ointments and healing steps. The Tatt2Away aftercare steps minimize potential risks and scarring, and contribute to successful results.

Similarly, picosecond laser demands careful post-treatment attention, including immediate care instructions and long-term considerations to maintain results. Both methods emphasize the significance of adherence to aftercare guidelines, underscoring the role of patients in fostering a healthy recovery and achieving the best possible results from their chosen tattoo removal approach.

Learn more about the Tatt2Away non laser tattoo removal aftercare process.

Choosing the Right Method

When choosing which tattoo removal is right for you, thoughtfully consider the differences between Tatt2Away and picosecond laser. Tatt2Away, with its non-laser technique, excels in versatile removal, making it suitable for all kinds of tattoo types and colors. It is a skin-friendly option with minimal scarring. Picosecond laser tattoo removal, leveraging laser technology, stands out for its popularity in efficient laser removal.

The choice hinges on factors such as pain tolerance, desired outcomes, and the complexity of the tattoo. Consulting with a professional is important when making an informed decision. Tatt2Away offers free consultations to help potential clients understand the quick and effective tattoo removal process. Get your free tattoo removal estimate, simply find your nearest location and fill out a consultation form today. For more on picosecond laser tattoo removal vs Tatt2Away, check out our blog for the latest news and trends on everything tattoo removal.

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