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Tattoo Removal Cost Calculator

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Tatt2Away®s Tattoo Removal Cost Calculator is an interactive tool designed to provide users with an estimated cost of tattoo removal. The tool uses a combination of variables that typically influence the cost of tattoo removal to generate an estimate.

Here’s how the calculator works, and the variables it considers:

1. Tattoo Length (in inches):

The length of your tattoo contributes to its overall size. The larger the tattoo, the more treatments may be required for complete removal.

2. Tattoo Width (in inches):

Along with length, the width of your tattoo helps determine its total size in square inches. This is essential for cost estimation as larger tattoos generally require more treatments.

3. Skin Type:

Your skin type can influence the tattoo removal process. Typically, lighter skin tones may allow for easier tattoo removal, while darker skin tones may require more careful treatment.

4. Tattoo Ink Saturation:

Highly saturated tattoos or those with more ink density may require more sessions to remove completely.

5. Tattoo Design:

Complex designs may take longer to remove compared to simpler ones.

6. Color:

The color of the tattoo ink can significantly affect the removal process. Black ink is usually the easiest to remove, while colors like red, green, or blue might require additional sessions.

7. Body Location:

Tattoos located on parts of the body with more fat and muscle (like the arms or legs) might be easier to remove than those on areas with less fat (like the ankle or fingers).

8. Tattoo Age:

Older tattoos have had more time to fade, potentially making them easier to remove than newer ones.

After inputting these details, the calculator gives an estimated range of the total cost and the cost per session, based on local market rates. This estimate provides users with a general idea of what they might expect to pay for their tattoo removal.

Keep in mind that this is just an estimate and the actual cost will depend on a number of factors, including the specific characteristics of your tattoo and the pricing of the clinic you choose. Estimates derived from the tattoo removal calculator are to be used as a guide for potential consumers. For a true quote, book a free consultation below

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General (FAQs) About the Cost of Tattoo Removal:

Q: How much does tattoo removal typically cost?

A: The cost of tattoo removal can vary widely depending on several factors such as the size, color, location, and age of the tattoo. Costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Q: Are there additional costs beyond the removal sessions?

A: Tatt2Away® does not charge for consults, follow-up visits, or necessary aftercare products. However, with other companies, there could be additional costs for initial consultations, aftercare products, or any necessary follow-up visits. It’s always a good idea to discuss all potential costs with the provider before starting the removal process.

Q: Is tattoo removal covered by insurance?

A: Tattoo removal is typically considered a voluntary procedure and is not usually covered by insurance. However, it’s always worth checking with your individual insurance provider.

Q: How many sessions will I need to remove my tattoo?

A: The number of sessions needed varies greatly depending on the tattoo and the individual. Factors such as tattoo size, color, depth of the ink, and your body’s ability to eliminate the ink all play a role. Tatt2Away® averages between 3 to 5 treatments for complete removal while laser averages between 10 to 15 treatments for complete removal due to the mechanism of action.

Q: Do larger tattoos cost more to remove?

A: Generally, larger tattoos require more removal sessions, so they tend to be more expensive to remove than smaller tattoos.

Q: Does the color of the tattoo affect the cost of removal?

A: Yes, tattoos with multiple colors or resistant colors like green and blue can be more challenging and hence more costly to remove. However, methods like Tatt2Away don’t use mechanisms that rely on pigment color like lasers therefore there is no difference in cost when removing different color tattoos.

Q: Can I pay for tattoo removal in installments?

A: Many providers offer payment plans or financing options, but this will depend on the specific provider. It’s always best to ask about payment options during your initial consultation.

Q: Is tattoo removal more expensive than getting a tattoo?

A: Typically, tattoo removal is more expensive than getting a tattoo. This is due to the technology, expertise, and multiple sessions often required for tattoo removal.

Does it cost more to remove a new tattoo compared to an old one?
Older tattoos can sometimes be easier to remove than newer ones as the ink may have faded over time. However, the cost can also depend on other factors such as size and color.

Q: Is it cheaper to get a tattoo removed or covered up with another tattoo?

A: This depends on the size and complexity of the original tattoo and the cover-up design. But tattoo removal in conjunction with a coverup will often allow for the result you are actually looking for in your coverup piece instead of what is just needed to actually cover the tattoo. However, a professional consultation can provide the best guidance.

Remember, these are general FAQs and the answers can vary based on the specific method of tattoo removal and individual circumstances. Always consult with a professional for the most accurate information.

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