The Organic Solution

How Tatt2Away Works

An All Natural and More Effective Method Of Tattoo Removal, Replacement, and Revision

Tatt2Away is the organic solution for tattoo removal that utilizes a natural process to actually lift ink out of the skin. Our patented technology is color independent, natural, and removes up to 35% of ink from the body each treatment. 


Tatt2Away is the organic solution for natural, safe and effective tattoo removal. Tatt2Away’s non-laser method aligns with nature for healthy results, and uses the body’s natural processes to remove all color ink from the body, each treatment. The Tatt2Away tattoo removal process is less painful than laser and can be compared to the same feeling as receiving a tattoo, and uses a solution that naturally occurs in the body to create a scab within your skin that then lifts the ink out of your body.


Tatt2Away removes 35% of your tattoo’s visible pigment in the first session and uses less treatments to remove, revise, or replace your tattoo. Tatt2Away is effective on all color and banned ink, and it is safe on delicate parts of the body to treat cosmetic  and permanent makeup removals and revisions as well as tattoos. A full removal of an average-sized tattoo typically takes 3-5 sessions depending on factors. See our FAQ section for more details!

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