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Organic Tattoo Removal by Tatt2Away®

Rejuvatek Medical, the manufacturer of the Tatt2Away® Tattoo Removal System, specializes in the development of natural tattoo removal options. The company is focused on the needs of the customer and the industry it serves, setting the new standard of care for tattoo removal. Our innovative removal technologies are directed at the real problems in the business of removing tattoos. Rejuvatek Medical collaborates with physicians, aestheticians, and studio artists alike around the globe to continually refine Tatt2Away® technologies, methods, and techniques creating the best possible outcomes for those who are seeking tattoo removal treatments.

As the leader in escharotic tattoo removal, we at Tatt2Away® are committed to those we ultimately serve, those looking to have their tattoos removed in the safest manner possible. Just as important, we’re dedicated to bringing you the highest standards in tattoo removal service and technique allowing your body’s natural elimination process to shed unwanted ink & pigment. We are very proud to be an FDA-registered medical device manufacturer. We uphold and maintain rigorous FDA Medical Device Quality System Regulations, we are ISO 13485 compliant and all technology is CE safety tested. We design and assemble every piece of equipment in our Salt Lake City, Utah headquarters.

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Our patented treatments are color independent, natural, and actually remove the ink from the body.

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Tatt2Away treatments have fewer sessions than others on the market, and lower cost, making them accessible to all.


Our technicians provide a comfortable, attentive space for clients to be treated with the upmost care in a private setting.


Premium treatments at accessible costs, our technology utilizes a mechanism of action that removes ink from the body organically and is vegan-friendly.

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How Our Tattoo Ink Removal Process Works

The Tatt2Away process has worked for tens of thousands of clients and is available at over 60 certified centers throughout North America and Australia. All aspects of the patented Tatt2Away process are researched, tested, uniform, and consistent. Patented systematic precision sets Tatt2Away apart from methods, by providing consistently positive outcomes using a healthy process.

Tatt2Away is a natural and organic solution for the removal of tattoo ink. Tatt2AAway uses an all-natural method to lift and remove the ink out of your skin with the help of our patented technology. Our tattoo removal technology is natural, color independent, and will remove up to 35% of the any color ink after each treatment.

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