Better Cover-Up Replacement Tattoos with Tatt2Away

What do you do when your tattoo coverup is as bad as the original tattoo? Or the anniversary date you wanted to commemorate isn’t your anniversary date? What if you can’t go bigger and darker for that tattoo coverup? Having a tattoo isn’t the problem, having the wrong tattoo is. So let us help you get ready for that replacement!


Tatt2Away’s Tatt2Revise® is the next evolution in tattoo cover-ups, or as we like to call them, replacements. The Tatt2Away process gives you flexibility to fix, correct, or update what’s already there, even if you already have a tattoo cover-up. It opens up your world to new possibilities with the tattoo you’ve fallen out of love with. No longer does the old ink dictate the new art. Revise or Replace your tattoo with Tatt2Revise, and you can:


  • Get The Replacement Tattoo You Always Wanted
  • Change The Wrong Date To The Right Date
  • Fix Bad Art With Revisions Or Old Coverups With Replacements With More Flexibility

Revise or Replace your tattoo with Tatt2Revise

Complete Removal is not the only option!

Tatt2Revise is the process of selectively removing sections of the existing tattoo, entirely or in parts, so that it doesn’t restrict your new tattoo coverup. A typical coverup fully incorporates the previous ink into the new design and requires going bigger, darker, and tricking the eye through color and weighted line work. This limits coverup options – Tatt2Revise removes those limits and makes room for incredible tattoo revisions or replacements.

Tatt2Revise with Tatt2Away targets the ink to be removed, and eliminates it in one treatment – it is the safer, faster, and more precise replacement or revision option.

The Tatt2Revise Process

Makes it possible to cover a dark tattoo, with a lighter, detailed piece by selectively removing the old artwork.

This creates unprecedented freedom in your replacement design opportunities! The full length of treatment is usually not needed before they can create a beautiful new piece of art. Often, one or two sessions is enough to make room for the new tattoo.

The overall Tatt2Revise process enables you to not only remove exactly what you didn’t want, but to not compromise in getting exactly the tattoo replacement or revision you want.

Remove, Revise, Replace My Tattoo